Community and Sponsorship

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Community and Sponsorship

As GrainCorp expands internationally and diversifies its business, its history and heart remains in the rural and regional communities in which it operates. GrainCorp recognises that it is more than a company or an employer in these areas – rather it is a member of these communities.

Supporting our Communities

GrainCorp's commitment to the community is underpinned by its desire to play an active and meaningful role in improving local wellbeing.

We build on a rich history of community support and continue to fund local initiatives around the world as well as support our communities with skilled volunteering.

Our funding and support focus on:

  • promoting safety 
  • strengthening local infrastructure
  • enhancing local community connectedness
  • mobilising resources to better safeguard and rebuild communities in the face of natural disasters.


Our strategy is delivered through a multi-pronged approach:

As well as providing financial support for specific projects, GrainCorp encourages its employees to be actively involved in their communities. Our employees support their communities in non-financial ways such as lending equipment and volunteering their time and knowledge, particularly in times of natural disasters. GrainCorp also provides sponsorship for regional sporting groups in Australia and at local community events.

1. Through our Community Fund

GrainCorp provides grants to local community organisations that are undertaking projects aligned with our key areas of focus. These grants are evaluated with local, regional and country managers and their teams – the people who best understand community needs and conditions.

2. Providing in-kind support

GrainCorp provides in-kind support to communities in times of crisis and non-crisis. Recent examples can be found here.

3. Offering Sponsorships

GrainCorp is proud to be a part of the communities in which we operate and providing support by sponsoring local initiatives and clubs that encourage sport for kids and enrich local community wellbeing.

Many of our local teams and businesses offer sponsorships that encourage kids to embrace an active lifestyle. These sponsorships include fun runs, horse and camel races, art and music festivals and local shows. For more information, click here.

Community Fund

Giving back to our communities

For more than a decade, GrainCorp’s Community Fund has been helping rural areas fund their much needed local initiatives. We are strong believers in helping our local communities.

Our Community Fund has helped refurbish community kitchens, lay new carpets in local clubs and put fresh coats of paint on Community Halls. We’ve helped light up sporting fields, laid new turf at bowling clubs and installed new netting around tennis courts. Many of the projects we support are infrastructure related and have a long-term, sustainable impact in their communities.

How to apply

To be eligible for funding, a project must help to bring the local community together. It must also promote safety and wellbeing whilst enhancing local infrastructure.

The project must be endorsed by one or more GrainCorp employees as part the application process.

To learn more, download the application form here: Community Fund Application Form

For further enquiries or to submit your application form please email

Organisations applying for funding must demonstrate:

  • initiative and energy in raising funds locally
  • how the grant will help the local community
  • ability, at the end of the project cycle, to provide a narrative around the outcomes that have been achieved as a result of the grant

GrainCorp's Community Fund will not contribute to:

  • projects that are commercial in nature
  • political projects, parties or lobby groups
  • religious purposes
  • cost of fundraising for an event or organisation
  • retrospective requests
  • government entities

Wonderful Wilkie rebuilds

Since 1972, the Town of Wilkie’s community centre in Saskatchewan, Canada has been the heart of the community; from grower meetings to weddings and everything in-between. But in October 2015, a devastating electrical fire burned much of this beloved community centre to the ground.

With the support of generous organisation like GrainCorp, they have rebuilt a new and improved community centre, making it a more user-friendly facility adding wheelchair accessible washrooms, seating areas and air conditioning/heating.

Narromine makes a splash

Narromine’s community pool has a very special and unique view – from the pool you can see the local towering GrainCorp silos!

And thanks to GrainCorp’s Community Fund, and other generous donors, the Narromine community now has a special cover to help heat their pool. This extends the swimming season by a couple of months which is perfect for promoting local sporting competitions and fitness activities, not to mention all the added social benefits.

North Star shines bright

When the team at North Star Public School, approached GrainCorp’s Community Fund to help fund a new sporting shed, the committee were thrilled to help.

The old shed was rusty and leaked. It didn’t protect the school’s sporting equipment very well any more, and to say it was becoming a safety hazard was an understatement. The new facility however, is fantastic. It’s bigger, cleaner and makes it much easier for students to access their sporting equipment. This is important because it gives back time to the students to engage in their favourite sporting activities.

Pro bono and in-kind support

GrainCorp continues to support communities in times of crisis and non-crisis. As a recent example, when devastating floods hit communities in which GrainCorp operates across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, the company and its employees rallied together to support these communities.

In addition to an employee fundraising drive that raised $100,000 worldwide to be distributed directly to various charities, our employees and businesses committed time and equipment to the communities affected during and after the floods.

Sand bagging, town clean-ups, emergency services assistance, food and clothing hampers – GrainCorp donated its equipment and the skills of its people to work alongside the broader community in helping to clean up and rebuild towns and people’s lives. As a company that relies on its employees to be its ambassadors in their communities, GrainCorp supports employees to take action and show leadership in times of need.

To request assistance of this nature, please contact your local GrainCorp manager to discuss further.


At GrainCorp we believe in supporting our customers, our people and their communities by investing in the things that matter to them. That’s why we are proud to sponsor a range of initiatives and local clubs that enhance community connectedness and wellbeing.

At the local level, we offer support to local events, particularly those that encourage sport for kids and enrich local community wellbeing. Some of the events we have sponsored in the past include fun runs, art and musical festivals, farm safe days, local shows and community milestone celebrations.

To apply for support for a local community event, please contact your local GrainCorp team.

For more information on GrainCorp sponsorship, please contact Mitchell Dale on +61 2 9266 9394 or email