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The GrainCorp App and CropConnect™ have been brought together so you can manage and sell your grain in the one place. The new and improved GrainCorp App provides quick and easy access to real-time commodity pricing information, plus the ability to sell your grain.

How to update the GrainCorp app


iPhone GrainCorp App Apple app store
  • Go to the App Store on your phone
  • Tap the Updates icon (bottom right)
  • Find the GrainCorp app
  • Tap Update and follow the prompts
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Android GrainCorp App Play store
  • Go to the Play Store on your phone
  • Tap the menu (three bars top right)
  • Tap ‘My apps & Games'
  • Find the GrainCorp app
  • Tap Update and follow the prompts
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How to install the GrainCorp app:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or Play Store on your Android phone
  • Search ‘GrainCorp'
  • Tap the GrainCorp app
  • Tap Install or Download

Important: You must have notifications enabled in the GrainCorp app to receive notifications.

We're here to help

For more information or assistance with the new GrainCorp app, speak with your Regional Customer Manager or call the dedicated Stocks Team on the Grower Services Hotline 1800 809 482.


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The GrainCorp app was first launched in 2012 and since its launch the app has been widely used by growers throughout the eastern grain belt for price discovery and GrainCorp site information. Last harvest CropConnect was successfully launched with over 2 million tonnes sold through the new online marketplace.

The new and improved GrainCorp app gives you all the functions and features you love from the existing GrainCorp app, PLUS all the convenience of CropConnect.

That's right, you can sell your grain from the app!

The GrainCorp app's new and exciting features include:

  • Offer and sell your grain
  • Save your favourite price searches
  • Keep track of your deliveries
  • Easy management of your tickets with a summary of your holdings
  • Access up-to-date site information
  • Stay informed with push notifications
  • Keep track of your deliveries
  • New counter-bid functionality will give you more control to sell your grain at your target price


A one-stop-shop

Keep an eye on the market. Monitor your grain holdings. Market and sell your grain including the new ‘counter-bid' functionality. We've brought CropConnect and the GrainCorp app together so you can do it all in the one place. It's all part of our service to make your harvest and grain marketing easier.


Save your favourite price searches

Discover all the price information you want, whenever you want, by saving your favourite cash and pools price searches.


Keep track of your deliveries

You can keep an eye on your deliveries during harvest quicker than ever before. With the delivery summary, also accessible in the app, you can monitor all your delivery information – such as truck rego, paddock or quality parameters, warehoused and buyer contracts and more.


Stay informed – push notifications

You will have the option to be notified of key transactions and events when they happen – known as push notifications. Push notifications will improve our communications to you, keeping you informed of what's happening during harvest, plus you can choose to receive push notifications so:

  • You're informed immediately when your offer has been accepted or auto-matched; and
  • Buyers can confidentially respond to your grain offer by communicating a counter-bid to you with the exciting new counter-bid feature.

Allow push notifications in the GrainCorp app on your smartphone to receive important notifications relating to your tickets.


GrainCorp's online marketplace, offering a convenient and easy way to manage, sell and buy warehoused grain.

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Introducing counter-bids

Giving you more control to reach your target price

With CropConnect's new counter-bid functionality, when you place an offer on your grain, buyers will now have the ability to confidentially notify you of their counter-bid for your offered parcel, if they can't meet your target price. This gives you more control to sell your grain above the top bid price at your site.

Set the price you want and take control of your grain marketing.

Allow push notifications on your smart phone so you'll be notified as soon as a counter-bid is placed.