Sustainability, Environment and Energy Efficiency

As a significant contributor to the agricultural sector, GrainCorp recognises that the adoption of sound environmental management practices and sustainable business operations are important.


In 2011 GrainCorp published a summary of its
sustainability performance in the Shareholder Review

Sustainability is one of GrainCorp’s values and all employees are encouraged to embrace it. Sustainability to GrainCorp means balancing three interconnected dimensions – environment and efficiency, people and society, and governance.

GrainCorp’s leadership ensures that we consider environment and energy impacts when making business decisions. GrainCorp also supports its employees taking part in small and large-scale sustainability initiatives both within the company and in the broader community


Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program and Regulatory Compliance

As part of a commitment to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable way, GrainCorp is a registered participant in, and complies with, the following:

  • The Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program administered by the Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
  • The National Energy and Greenhouse Reporting Scheme including the requirement to publically report greenhouse gas emissions under the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Act 2007
  • The international Sustainable Agriculture Initiative
  • Environment Protection Licences in regions where we operate.


Companies that participate in programs like EEO aim to meet energy use thresholds, undertake energy use assessments and identify energy efficiency opportunities. GrainCorp believes the EEO Program will deliver long term benefits to the company through operational cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

As the majority owner of Allied Mills, GrainCorp has elected to act as that organisations 'controlling corporation' for the purposes of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006. This means GrainCorp and Allied Mills are joint participants in the EEO Program.

Environmental, PLANNING &
Monitoring Reports

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