Offering challenges and rewards

Providing a safe and enjoyable workplace is only the start of what you will find at GrainCorp. It is important that we support you and help you to reach your full potential. This is part of creating a rewarding career with GrainCorp.

At GrainCorp, we offer you:

  • A diverse range of opportunities across one of Australia’s largest supply chain & logistics companies
  • Support and development so you can grow your career in a direction of your choosing
  • Opportunities to move not only geographically around the country but between divisions and business areas

Leadership and Learning

GrainCorp believes that having strong leaders at all levels of the business is critical for success. In terms of leadership, we believe everyone is a leader and that leaders need to not only live the values, they need to lead the values. Our people’s development is important to us. With the right skills, we meet our company objectives and our people met their career objectives. We aim to provide our employees with the skills required to deliver on the business objectives, both local and global. Our learning programs include:

• Professional development

• Coaching and feedback from managers and mentors

• Assignments, such as new projects, relieving people during their holidays, and secondments

• Training



GrainCorp is committed to having a culture that is diverse and inclusive, reflective of the communities in which we operate and aligned to our values. Diversity includes demographics, experience and perspectives. In a diverse work environment, we believe our people will do their best which translates into better financial returns.

Attracting and retaining diverse talents is a key initiative that supports our people strategy. We aim to:

1. Build a diverse talent pool focusing initially on women.

2. Enhance workforce flexibility for everyone: Create a culture which fosters a balance of work, life and community

3. Build a more balanced workforce with a good mix of ages, genders and ethnicities:

4. Develop and engage older workers, engage younger workers through graduate, trainee and apprenticeship programs and encourage diversity of people and thinking

5. Help make a difference to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.




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