I am very interested in applying for a role at GrainCorp. Where can I get more information?
You can contact the GrainCorp Recruitment Team for assistance on any recruitment related queries. They are more than happy to assist you and will be able to provide you a more detailed overview of current vacancies.
I am interested in casual harvest positions at GrainCorp. How do I apply?
GrainCorp sites run their own casual recruitment for harvest roles. Please see The Harvest Recruitment page for more detailed information.
How do I apply for a position?
You can search all our current vacancies and we encourage you to apply online. You can submit a cover letter, a current resume and other supporting documentation online. You will be able to create job seeker profile and will be able to apply for multiple jobs using the same login information.
How do I know that my application has been received?
Within 24 to 48 hours of applying for a role, you will receive an automated system generated email confirming receipt of your application.
I don’t have a resume. Can someone at GrainCorp help me?
Yes, the GrainCorp Recruitment Team will be happy to assist you in creating a resume. You can call us and we can send you a resume template.
I am having trouble uploading my application. What do I do?

Call the recruitment team and a member will assist you and advise you of next steps.

I have submitted an application online. What happens next?

The GrainCorp Recruitment Team will carefully review your application and will be in contact with you in due course in line with your suitability for the role that you have applied for.

How long will the recruitment process take?

The recruitment process for each role can vary. We will try to keep you informed as much as possible. As such you are welcome to contact the GrainCorp Recruitment Team to get an update on the process.

I have an interview with GrainCorp. Can someone help me prepare?

Your interview will be specific to the role that you have applied for. We also use behavioural interview questions where you will be asked to provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated certain behaviours and link it back to the job you are interviewing for. The friendly GrainCorp Recruitment Team can be contacted to go through thorough interview preparation and tips. Please don’t hesitate to call.

Do I need to complete any medical checks?

Depending on the position, you will need to undergo a medical assessment. The GrainCorp Recruitment Team will advise you if you need to undergo one and will organise this for you.

What kind of background checks or reference checks will GrainCorp undertake?

The GrainCorp Recruitment Team will take at least 2 professional references – it is preferable that the referee details supplied are at manager/supervisor level. This will be completed once the Recruitment Team has obtained your consent. If we require additional background checks, we will be in contact to obtain your consent and advise you of details.



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