Our People

Our Values

Being part of GrainCorp:

At GrainCorp;

  • Everyone is a leader.
  • We believe that a diverse and inclusive culture will enhance engagement and drive better financial results.
  • We believe that diverse thinking is the foundation of innovation, and that it is borne from the variety of experiences, capabilities, insights and perspectives that our collective employees bring to work every day.
  • The continuous development of our people is very important. We aim to provide our employees with all the skills required to deliver excellent results and outstanding customer service.
  • We invest in developing our people as leaders. We recognise that leadership is critical to driving high performance in teams and delivering results. Our four signature leadership programs are designed specifically for GrainCorp and centred around our key leadership capabilities at different levels. At GrainCorp, we nurture leadership and help our diverse leaders grow.


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