At GrainCorp, we've been receiving grain from growers for over 100 years and we continue to play an active and important role in the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to safety is also one of our core values and we act in a way that protects our people, customers and our growers.

During harvest, we receive wheat, barley, canola, chickpeas and other commodities from growers across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. These commodities are delivered to our grain receival sites. We store and maintain the grain until it can be delivered to customers in Australia and overseas to make quality food products and ingredients like flour, cooking oil and malt.

Depending on the weather, harvest on the east coast of Australia generally commences around late September in Central Queensland; mid-October in Southern Queensland and Northern NSW; and late October to early November in Southern NSW and Victoria.



Meet a harvest casual

In 2010, Annie Scott joined GrainCorp as a harvest casual at Cootamundra in southern NSW while she was on uni holidays. She loved it so much that she applied for a Graduate position after finishing uni… and got it! Annie spent seven great years at GrainCorp as a Logistic Planner in our Sydney office. Watch her video below to hear her story.



Harvest casual opportunities

Safely and efficiently moving millions of tonnes of grain into our receival sites across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria during harvest requires a big effort and focus from our teams. This is why we make thousands of casual work opportunities available through the harvest period to help us deliver an outstanding service to growers and customers.

Here's a snapshot of the type of casual work we offer and the duties involved:

General labouring

  • Monitor the flow of grain from truck unloading and onto equipment
  • Ensure a clean work area (sweeping, shovelling and blowing down dust)
  • Protect and cover the grain in our bunker storage using tarps
  • Operate equipment including tractors, augers, drive-over hoppers

Laboratory assistance

  • Analyse grain samples against quality specifications
  • Analyse barley samples for germination
  • Enter data into our systems
  • Provide general support to the laboratory supervisor

Grain sampling

  • First point of contact for growers coming to the site
  • Spear truck to obtain grain samples using manual or automatic spears
  • Test grain samples for protein, moisture and contaminants against specifications
  • Enter data into our systems

Weighbridge operations

  • Enter data on truck weights into our system
  • Answer all telephone calls to the site office
  • Perform basic administrative duties in support of the site manager
  • Maintain a neat and tidy work area



Application process and timeline

The casual work we offer is seasonal and dependent on harvest and site conditions, which include weather and operational needs. Due to the nature of this and our business, candidates may not be guaranteed a commencement or volume of work.


Online application period

Complete an online application providing us with your:

  • general contact information
  • work location and role preferences
  • previous GrainCorp experience (if any)
  • details of your certificates and licences
  • general health information.

Complete a short online questionnaire (20 minutes).

Interviews commence

If you've been successful at the online application stage, then we may invite you to attend a face-to-face interview at one of our site or regional offices.

Depending on your location, we may facilitate your interview by Skype or telephone.

Online modules

This is the final stage of the selection process if you've been successful at interview.

Complete a series of mandatory online modules relating to health and safety, manual handling, bunker operations, code of conduct and equal employment opportunity (2 hours).

Training + site placement

Once you've completed the online modules, we will invite you to attend site induction and pre-harvest training.

We will have considered your position preferences against positions available and operational requirements, which will determine the type of training we require you to undertake.


The casual work we offer is seasonal and dependent on harvest and site conditions, which include weather and operational needs. Due to the nature of this and our business, candidates may not be guaranteed a commencement of volume of work.

You may move between roles (as trained and as required) as well as move from site to site, where available.

We will be in touch with you regarding start date, depending on your location.

Season closes

Work will finish anywhere between December this year and January next year depending on your work location / region and harvest conditions.



Conditions of employment

To be considered for casual employment with us during harvest, you'll need to:

  1. Be available to commence work with us from September through to December (location dependent)
  2. Be at least 18 years old or have the permission of a parent / guardian if younger
  3. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, New Zealand citizen or hold a valid work visa and provide proof of this
  4. Be capable and willing to work in a hot and dusty environment



Let's deliver for customers together!

At GrainCorp, we value and respect the different perspectives and experiences our people bring to work each day. We aim to increase the diversity of our workforce – leading to a range of different thinking, perspectives and ideas that create the innovation we need to drive better business results. We aim to have a work environment where everyone feels included and everyone can realise their full potential.

You will need to use a laptop or desktop computer to successfully complete your application.

Applications are now closed for the 2017 GrainCorp Harvest, but you can register your interest to be notified when applications open for the 2018 GrainCorp Harvest.


Register your interest here
for the 2018 GrainCorp Harvest



Contact us

Take a look at our frequently asked questions. If you still can't find what you're after, then email us at or call one of our local regional offices:

Northern NSW
02 6792 8600

Southern NSW
02 6926 8407

07 4639 9222

03 5431 1222



Frequently asked questions

Online application process

You don't need to attach any documents to your online application. We will let you know what you need to provide further into the recruitment process.

The email address you provide in your online application is used as a unique way of identifying you throughout the application process. We also use your email address to issue payslips when you work with us. This is why it is important that every applicant provides an email address which is unique to them. There are a number of service providers who offer free email accounts, such as Gmail or


Pay and working conditions

Work as a harvest casual can involve exposure to challenging environmental conditions such as heat, dust, noise and high temperatures.

Due to the different harvest conditions and operational demands of our sites, hours may vary from day to day and week to week.

Yes. At harvest, our sites operate 7 days a week to meet grower demand. Some of our sites also operate through the night. This means that if you are successful in securing a casual harvest position with us, you may be rostered by your site manager to undertake work on a weekend, public holiday or night shift and it is important that you make yourself available through these periods, within reason. Your site manager will discuss this further with you when you commence and you should let them know if you have an important occasion to take into consideration in rostering you.

Harvest casuals are paid an hourly rate, which can vary between regions, positions and individuals (based on work experience). Your site manager will discuss this with you.

Your employment with GrainCorp will be covered under one of the following agreements:

GrainCorp Operations Limited – NSW Country Operations (AWU) Enterprise Agreement 2016
GrainCorp Operations Ltd - AWU (Victorian Operations) Enterprise Agreement 2017
GrainCorp Operations Limited - Queensland Country Operations (AWU) Enterprise Agreement 2017

You will be paid on a fortnightly basis (every second week), into your nominated bank account and this will occur on the Thursday of pay week at the latest. The actual day on which your pay reaches your bank account will depend on who you bank with.

It is your responsibility to keep record of your hours worked and income earned. We will email you a payslip each fortnight which details the hours worked and paid, allowances, superannuation, tax withheld. We encourage you to keep these payslips stored safely as you may need to access them at a later time. Centrelink provide a range of tools to help you track your income and to understand your reporting requirements.

You will need to request this from your site manager.

You can provide your change of details to your site manager who will then advise the payroll team.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection sets the ‘specified work' requirements for subclass 417 and 462 visa holders.

Specified work in terms of the subclass 417 visa is work that is undertaken in a 'specified' field or industry in a designated regional area. Specified work in terms of the subclass 462 visa is work that is undertaken in a 'specified' field or industry in a designated area in northern Australia.

Although we cannot confirm if the work you undertake with us will qualify as specified work, you can consult with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's website for more information,



There is a place in your online application to indicate the name of another applicant or applicants that you wish to work with.

As many of our sites are quite rural or remote, you should at least bring your own meals including water and lace-up ankle steel-capped boots. We will provide a hard hat, high visibility vest, protective eyewear and sunscreen.

You will need to discuss this with your site manager.