‘Local farmers look to us to store their grain and maintain the quality, often over a long season.  Our grain goes all over the world, there’s great demand for our produce, which means a very strong future for the company and us. We often say we’re feeding the world, and we’re proud of it.  We keep to high standards of onsite processes and policies and look after each other, just as the company did for me when I took maternity leave.

GrainCorp helps the community, too. Importantly, they funded the resurfacing of our airstrip, which is a vital lifeline to the health needs of our community. I have lots of opportunities at GrainCorp. I love my job, my golf, tennis, gardening and photography. Yes, I like to keep busy.'

Sharon Medcalf, Grain Services Manager, Storage and Logistics

Meet Sharon Medcalf - Grain Services Manager from GrainCorp on Vimeo.

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