The Witham plant currently has a total annual production of approximately 48,000 tonnes of standard brewing and distilling malts.

  • The site was originally established in 1926 when a 'traditional' floor maltings was built.
  • Major investments in more recent years have seen the site being turned into one of the most modern in the country.
  • Witham is situated in the heart of the 'granary of England'. The primary source of barley for the Plant is East Anglia, thought by many to be the best barley growing area in the U.K.
  • From the main production facility, malt is produced for major brewing and distilling customers in both the UK and abroad.
  • In addition, following a tradition within the Company of over a hundred years, the Roast House at Witham produces approximately 8,000 tonnes of speciality malts. The site supplies a wide variety of specialist crystal and roasted malts to the global brewing markets.
  • Bairds Malt Corporate Head Office is situated at the Witham malting site.

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  • Bairds Malt Station Road Witham,
  • Witham
  • UK CM8 2DU

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  • GB

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  • North: 51º 48’ 20.794”
  • East: 0º 38’ 33.252”