Perth Maltings is located in Welshpool, an inner southeastern suburb of Perth, which is a major hub of industry in Western Australia.

Situated approximately 13km southeast of the Perth CBD, Perth Maltings was first commissioned in 1978. Now solely under the control of Barrett Burston Malting (GrainCorp Malt), the malt house has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tonnes.

Perth Maltings comprises two floors of 7x cylindro-conical steeping vessels, 4x Saladin box germination vessels, and a two-floor circular kiln. Perth Maltings also has the capacity to store 12,000 tonnes of malt, and 10,000 tonnes of barley, a percentage of which is purchased directly from local farmers.

State-of-the-art computer control from barley intake through to barley cleaning, processing, storage and outloading of the finished malt, ensure that precise processing parameters are achieved to give a consistent, quality product.

Production Capabilities

Barley intake is conducted through road train deliveries, via either grain suppliers, or purchased direct off farmers by the Raw Materials department of Barrett Burston Malting.

At Perth Maltings, the conversion of barley into malt begins at the steeping vessels where cleaned barley is subjected to steeping programs of up to 19 hours. At the completion of the steeping program, the batch is conveyed to one of the four conventional germination boxes where it remains for four days of germination. Kilning completes the process and is carried out over 37 hours across the two floor circular kiln.

The entire plant is computer monitored and is designed for maximum economy in the utilization of all resources.

  • Batch size 155T.
  • On-site malt storage 12,000T.
  • Two on-site weighbridges.
  • Two floor circular kiln.

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  • 47 McDowell St
  • Welshpool
  • WA 6106

GPS Coordinates

  • South: 31º 59’ 17.635”
  • East: 115º 56’ 43.40”