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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the App free?
Yes the App is free to download but network charges will apply.
Please speak to your network provider for more information on your data charges       

Where do I download the iPhone App from?
Open the ITunes icon on the iPhone
Search for GrainCorp
Follow installation steps.

iPhone OS Information
IOS version 6 and above

iPhone Version Information
Version 1.5.7
Rating     4+

iPhone Version History
Version 1.5.7      Changes to labels and improved performance
Version 1.3         Improved Server Response Rates and API performance
Version 1             17th September

Where do I download the Android App from?
Open the Google Play Store or Samsung App Store on your Android phone
Search for GrainCorp
Follow the installation steps        

Android OS Information
The Android application will support OS 2.3 and above.
The Android App is not compliant for Apple devices, Blackberries or Windows phones.

Android Version Information
Version V1.2.9

Android Version History
Version 1.2.9         Changes to labels and improved performance.

Known Issues