Schill Malz GmbH and Co.KG

Germany has a worldwide reputation not only for the production of beer but also for excellent brewing malt. Schill Malz produces a number of specialty malts required for the production of unique German beers, including Pilsen, Vienna, Munich, Wheat (or White), Caramel, Sour and Organic malts. 

Founded in 1859, Schill Malz is a long established supplier to local and export markets with the additional advantage of being able to source barley not just from local growers, but also France, Czech Republic and Denmark cost effectively. 

The latest addition to the GrainCorp Malt family, Schill Malz is made up of four malting plants with a total capacity of 190,000 tonnes. 

The plants are located in Worms, Mülheim/Ruhr, Sangerhausen and Clingen, well positioned in relation to barley supply and malt sales to customers. 

The Worms facility is the largest, with a capacity of 80,000 tonnes. Located on the Rhine River system near Frankfurt, it boasts road, rail and barge access, and caters to both domestic and export markets. 

Similarly, the Mülheim plant, near Dusseldorf, has a 60,000 tonne capacity and also caters to the domestic and export markets with road and barge access via the Rhine River system. 

The Sangerhausen and Clingen sites, with 35,000 tonnesand 15,000 tonnes capacity respectively concentrate on the domestic market. They are located near Leipzig and Erfurt, in prime barley surplus regions. 

Schill Malz supplies to a strong domestic market it supplies to in Germany, with 60–70 per cent of production sold domestically. It supplies barley and wheat malt to around 50 customers, including nine of the top 10 German brewers. 

About 30–40 per cent of its production is exported to South America, Africa and other European Union countries.

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