commodity management



GrainCorp Commodity Management provides the following trading services:

  • Vegetable oils (and their derivatives) from local and imported sources including:
  • Canola
  • Soya
  • Sunflower
  • Cotton seed
  • Palm 
  • Coconut
  • Molasses
  • Used cooking oil
  • Methyl Esters (bio-fuels)
  • Tallow – all grades including bleached tallow

Supply Chain Services

Responsible for the supply chain services of buying and selling oils and fats, the GrainCorp Oils Commodity Management team has industry-recognised import and export capabilities that underpin our leadership position.

Our team combines local and regional knowledge with international experience, thereby allowing us to offer competitive solutions to our customers across multiple industry sectors.

GrainCorp Commodity Management source and supply oils and fats for:

  • GrainCorp Oils’ foodsand animal feed businesses
  • External customers in the food, personal care, animal feed, industrial and bio-fuel sectors

We provide a wide range of services, e.g.:

  • Long-term supply or off-take contracts
  • Customised product specification 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Ocean and road tanker logistics management 
  • International trade expertise and documentation 
  • Quality control through in-house chemists and laboratories 
  • Risk management and hedging expertise

GrainCorp Commodity Management’s team understands the importance of long-term relationships, quality and competitive pricing in creating and sustaining a successful business.

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