We work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions. We are able to do so by drawing on our product and technology expertise that is supported by a sophisticated development and testing facility, manufacturing flexibility and processing capability. If you have a very specific requirement, such as a nutritional profile, optimal cost or enhanced functional performance, we will develop and qualify a tailored formulation to meet the exact needs of your application.


GrainCorp Foods has the only pilot scale processing facility inside an Australian edible oils manufacturing plant. It enables us to respond quickly to requests by evaluating small scale batches before proceeding to factory trial, ensuring excellence in everything we do. The pilot plant is complemented by an analytical laboratory, test baking facility and a frying kitchen where trial formulations are analysed and tested in finished products.


Our experienced technical team can support you with trial and introduction of new fats and oils products to help you achieve optimum performance from your process. For the baker and caterer we offer advice on what products are best suited to your application, showing you how to use the products and how to incorporate them into recipes that make great products for your customers.


GrainCorp Foods' manufacturing sites:

  • Are certified as meeting the requirements of HACCP as defined by CAC/RCP 1-1969 (Rev.4-2003)
  • Are equipped to perform an extensive range of finished product physical, chemical and sensory evaluations, widely employing American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) testing protocols
  • Adhere to strict manufacturing practices ensuring compliance with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code


GrainCorp Foods shares community concerns regarding the ecological and environmental impacts of palm oil production in some areas.

GrainCorp is a member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) and proud to be CSPO (Certified Sustainable Palm Oil) supply chain certified for both Mass Balance and Segregated Palm Oils.