GrainCorp Foods is a leader in the development and processing of sophisticated tailor-made oil blends for infant nutrition and a long-term supplier to leading infant formula manufacturers.

Our manufacturing sites in Australia and New Zealand are ideally located to facilitate the regular supply of fresh oil to customers both domestically and throughout Asia.

Each customised oil blend is developed in close collaboration with the customer, utilising our technical expertise in lipid technology and in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of oil blends for infant formula products.


Our INFALAC® Oil Blends for Infant Formula are tailor made to the very precise and unique requirements of each customer. Blends are formulated to the specified fatty acid composition and substitute oil types are determined to maintain the profile during times of seasonal variation. Also established are the special process conditions essential to meeting the stringent requirements of an oil blend for infant formula.

β-Palmitate (OPO) and additives including lecithin, antioxidant and vitamins (A, D and E) can be incorporated into the blend to reduce complexity in our customers' process.

We also offer Halal certified, Kosher certified and Non Genetically Modified oil blend options.


Our infant formula oil blends are processed in Australia and New Zealand using specially developed process conditions and controls to ensure that quality and food safety meet the stringent demands of oil blends for infant formula. The finished oil blends are subject to thorough analytical laboratory testing to guarantee compliance with the strict regulations for infant nutrition.

Quality and food safety are paramount throughout the supply chain from raw material to finished product. We are independently audited to guarantee that our processes comply with international standards:

  • GrainCorp Foods' manufacturing sites are certified as meeting the requirements of HACCP as defined by CAC/RCP 1-1969 (Rev.4-2003)
  • GrainCorp Foods' manufacturing sites are certified SQF code edition 7.2 level 3


GrainCorp Foods' pilot scale processing facility in Australia is the only one inside an Australian or New Zealand edible oils manufacturing plant. The benefit to our customers is prompt and timely development of oil blends tailored to the precise needs of each customer.

A sophisticated analytical laboratory complements the pilot plant. New blends are analysed in the laboratory throughout the development process ensuring compliance with the customer specification at each stage from initial formulation to final blend.

Once an oil blend has been formulated to the customer’s fatty acid profile a sample is prepared in the laboratory. This sample is analysed and the blend adjusted as required until the exact profile is achieved. A pilot plant trial follows where process conditions, essential to meeting the exact needs of each customer, are established.

The process conditions for infant formula oil blends are critical and very exact. An advantage of the pilot plant is that the optimum conditions can be efficiently and precisely established in a short space of time. This is because small batches can easily be repeated to fine tune the process conditions until the exact specification is obtained.

The small batch size that we can make in the pilot plant also enables us to quickly and easily test effectiveness of additives in the processed blend. Furthermore we can prepare small samples for customer evaluation, rather than having to commit to full scale production quantities in the early stages of development.

When the formulation and process conditions have been established in the pilot plant, it is then straightforward to replicate the conditions in the manufacturing plant and proceed to a full scale production trial quantity.


We have extensive experience in the supply of bulk edible oil to our customers in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia.

To ensure optimal freshness we blend and process the oil just prior to shipping. We also ship small, regular deliveries to align with customer demand. This minimises customer stock holding and ensures optimal freshness of the oil when incorporated into the finished product.

Additionally, we can assist our customers establish the optimal handling and storage conditions of the oil blend at their premises to maximise the freshness prior to incorporating into the final infant formula product.

GrainCorp Foods has three processing facilities; two in Australia and one in New Zealand; so supply contingency is assured. We are conveniently located near to the dairy manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand and ideally located to provide efficient supply to our customers in Asia.


GrainCorp Foods supports the infant formula industry as an associate member of the Infant Nutrition Council.

The Infant Nutrition Council (INC) is the association for the infant formula industry in Australia and New Zealand and the key stakeholder in the advancement of scientifically developed infant formula products. INC works closely with local and international regulators to ensure that regulations reflect global research and are harmonised with international food standards.

INC is committed to supporting both breastfeeding and infant formula. Breast milk is unique with unsurpassed benefits however, when a baby does not receive breast milk the only suitable and safe alternative is a scientifically developed infant formula product.

As an associate member of INC, GrainCorp Foods is conversant with local and global infant nutrition regulations and developments and is aligned with the needs of the infant formula manufacturers, our customers.

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