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About Us

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds is a leading Australian manufacturer of vegetable oil and molasses-based animal feeds. We have production facilities in Queensland and Victoria.

Our products cover a number of industries, including:

  • Cattle
  • Dairy
  • Sheep 
  • Horse

And our range of products includes:

  • Pasture Supplements
  • Feedlot Concentrates and Suspensions
  • Dairy Supplements
  • Feedmill Products

Our product brands includes:


Our Molafos products were first introduced to the market in 1982.

Over time, more products were added to the Molafos range, with dry feed pasture supplements becoming a large portion of our business.

We now supply our Molafos products to the farming industry, including cattle, dairy, sheep and horse.

Rumifeed is suitable for cattle and sheep, and can be fed in a variety of grazing situations.

Rumifeed is a controlled consumption, molasses-based supplement delivered directly into your trough.

Our Rumifeed service team achieve controlled intake by blending sweet and sour components, resulting in optimised intake and animal performance. When used as directed Rumifeed will aid in reducing weight loss, increasing live weight gain, improving fertility and overall profitability.

Energro is a 100% palatable vegetable oil, high energy supplement. It is quality assured and complies with APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) Maximum Residue Limits.

It acts as a lubricant in dry mixing machinery, thereby reducing rust and general wear and tear, and minimal product shrinkage is experienced when handled correctly.

Enermol is a product containing a blend of Molafos and Energro, as either a liquid or a suspension (with or without limestone).

Emermol uses innovative blending techniques to create a stable product that allows for the inclusion of high levels of vegetable oil into a feed ration.

Molapro is a product containing a source of true protein at an affordable cost.

Molapro has been a part of the Liquid Feed product range since 2001 and provides a low cost alternative to the Molafos range.
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