The Molafos® Dairy range can cater to a number of different feeding systems, such as:

  • TMR (Total Mixed Ration) – Dairy Concentrates (can be specifically formulated by GLF or your Diary consultant to suit your specific needs)
  • TMR (Total Mixed Ration) – Dairy Suspensions (can be tailored to your needs by the GrainCorp Liquid Feeds Team)
  • In Paddock – Molafos® Grower and Molafos® Backgrounder
  • In Paddock – Molafos®Dairy Transition

Products in the Molafos® Dairy Range include a number of formulas to achieve optimum results for dairy production. These are:

  • Molafos® Dairy Transition: a palatable supplement that can be fed in open trough or licker drums in the paddock. It provides cattle with anionic salts that acidify the blood, thereby precipitating the release of calcium to lactating cows. This product has been specifically designed to aid dairy cows in the rest period prior to calving, enabling them to build up body reserves of minerals that can be called on after calving
  • Molafos® Grower D: specifically designed for dairy cows, it is both a feed and supplement that provides true protein as well as NPN (non-protein nitrogen), energy, minerals, Bovatec and an intake limiter suitable for growing out dairy heifers from weaning to first calving
  • Molafos® M: a mineral rich molasses-based green feed/production feeding supplement


  • Palatable and accepted by stock on all country types
  • Energy is provided by molasses and grains
  • Controllable intake, managed with a limiting compound, allows for controllable costs, enabling a budget to be compiled for the entire supplement program at the start
  • Suitable for all types of cattle, regardless of body condition
  • Encourages stock to forage further and less selectively
  • Improves growth rates through increased dry matter intake of hay or dry pasture
  • Provides phosphorus which enables conception rates to be supported and maintained on dry feed, and ensures good strong heats in heifers and cows
  • Contains a blend of inorganic and organic minerals for improved mineral availability and improved rumen bacterial health
  • Contains Bovatec, which improves live weight gains and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle, as well as control of clinical signs of coccidiosis and reduction of faecal shedding of coccidia caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zeurnii in cattle
  • Flows at temperatures as low as -10°C

Directions for use and feeding tips

Please see our brochure for feeding tips, pasture information and analysis.

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