Molafos Gold® and Molafos EZ-GLO®

Molafos Gold® & Molafos Ez-Glo® are high energy liquid feeds for manufacturers of pelleted and textured feeds. They give feed a golden colour, moist texture and sweet, natural aroma.

Molafos Gold® & Molafos Ez-Glo® are based on cane molasses, with special vegetable oil sources, preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants. They flow freely, even at low temperatures and are suitable for:

  • Pelleted feeds
  • Chaff-based feeds
  • Meal-based feeds

Molafos Gold® and Molafos Ez-Glo® can help reduce equipment clean down times by reducing molasses/feed build-up on equipment. Electrivity costs may also be reduced due to limited/no build-up of feed on equipment parts, thereby reducing mixing drag (resistance).

Molafos Gold® and Molafos Ez-Glo® flow readily at low temperatures and mix easily in meal or chaff-based feeds. It coats feed more evenly than molasses and gives a consistent appearance and better coverage with fewer dry areas.


  • Reduces setting of product in bag
  • Reduces fines and dust
  • Improves feed palatability
  • Enhances moisture retention
  • Reduces build up of feed on equipment
  • Assists bulk feed to flow easily in cold weather
  • Provides an even, consistent coating to pellets and textured dry feed
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