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Molafos M Horse®

Molafos M Horse® is a nutritionally balanced, highly palatable liquid feed supplement produced specifically for horses, containing energy and essential organic minerals to ensure optimal health.

Green grasses, legumes and hays can vary greatly in protein, energy, vitamin and mineral content. Although horses can survive without adequate levels of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and selenium in forages, this may not result in optimal health or wellbeing.

Starch and sugars are especially important energy sources for a short burst of speed, but are suitable for all types of work undertaken by horses. The energy in Molafos M Horse® is converted from glucose and used immediately by the animal.

Molafos M Horse® improves palatability, reduces sifting of mixed rations and dust in dry rations.

Molafos M Horse® has gained the attention of, and popularity in, the racing industry. Leading trainers use Molafos M Horse® to sweeten water, encouraging high-performance horses to drink before and after racing. This avoids the need to use artificial means to re-hydrate horses and helps replace electrolytes after strenuous exercise. Molafos M Horse® also helps to keep horses calm.

Directions for use and feeding tips

  • Highly palatable supplement, containing soluble energy (sugar) and essential organic minerals, which improves feed rations and balances shortages in pasture
  • Contains phosphorus and calcium needed for conception, milk production and healthy bone development in foals
  • Can be used to supplement pastures deficient in trace minerals, and reduce dust and feed sifting in dry rations
  • Can be used to sweeten and improve water to increase fluid intake, aid hydration and electrolyte replacement, particularly following transport or strenuous exercise
  • Less viscous than molasses and free-flowing in cold weather
  • Molafos M Horse® is easy to feed and can be top dressed on hay, mixed in grain rations or even fed free choice at the recommended dosage

Organic minerals and vitamins

  • Sufficient quantities of minerals and vitamins are essential for proper health and skeletal development in foals. A balanced diet, particularly of energy and minerals, is especially important during the yearling year when orthopaedic disease may occur
  • In young horses the dual demands of training and growth make it important to manage their nutrition because the stress of work can have major effects on bone development. The balance of vitamins and minerals in Molafos M Horse® helps minimise the amount of stress these changes can cause

Feeding rates

Feed Ration
Blend 5-10% into feed ration
Pasture Free Choice
Mares & Foals
Light Horses
Pleasure Horses
Water Treatment
Free Choice

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