About Us

GrainCorp Oilseeds has two manufacturing facilities that produce approximately 120,000 tonnes of canola oil for domestic and export customers, and approximately 180,000 tonnes of meal for the stockfeed market.

Our plants are located at:

  • Numurkah in Victoria
  • Pinjarra in Western Australia

Crude degummed oil and refined and bleached oil, including canola (or rapeseed oil), safflower and sunflower oils, are produced and available in bulk or flexibags/containers for domestic and export customers.

Oilseeds offers forward-contracting of both solvent extracted and expeller pressed canola meal, which are supported and endorsed by leading animal nutritionists to the dairy, beef, poultry and pork sectors.

Integrated Supply Chain

We enjoy a range of strategic partnerships, which enables collaboration across the value chain from seed breeders, growers, storage handlers, oil refiners and feed millers, to wholesale and retail customers.


Canola seed is sourced either directly from growers or via accumulators in Australia’s proven production regions, enabling GrainCorp Oilseeds’ crushing plants full-year operations.

Customer Certainty

Customers have certainty with our year-round supply assurance, and they value our commitment to bio security and identity preservation systems.

GM and Non-GM Canola

The recent introduction of Genetically Modified (GM) canola has prompted GrainCorp Oilseeds’ ‘pro-choice position’ and implementation of accredited Identity Preservation systems. We acknowledge growers' needs for GM technology to support local canola production and likewise acknowledge many consumers’ preference for non-GM products.

Healthier Oils

GrainCorp Oilseeds, together with Nuseed, provide solutions for increasingly health conscious oil consumers. We are committed to closed loop Identity Preserved production and processing programs for Monola™, a high stability canola oil that is well suited to frying applications.

GrainCorp Oilseeds promotes active participation in industry associations. Our memberships include;

• AOCS – American Oils Chemist Society
• AOF – Australian Oilseeds Federation
• GTA – Grain Trade Australia
• SFMCA – Stock Feed Manufacturers' Council of Australia
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