Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to CropConnect?

Go to or follow the link from the GrainCorp homepage.

How do I get to CropConnect on my mobile or tablet?

CropConnect is a website that can be viewed across mobiles, tablets and computers. You can access it from an internet browser on your device (such as Safari or Chrome) by accessing the link

Once you have opened the site, you can then save it to your bookmarks or home screen for quick access.

CropConnect is not an app, so you will not find it in any of the app stores.

How do I get login access to CropConnect?

We have simplified the login across CropConnect, Time Slotting, GrainCorp Mobile App and Cargo Nomination Workflow. You can now access these systems using the same login details: your email and a password. This requires you to update or provide an email address to continue using any of these systems.

If you've previously used GrainTransact and:

  • You've already updated and validated your email - simply use this email and the temporary password that was sent to your email address to change your password. Once you've successfully changed your password, you can use these details to log in.
  • You've not yet updated your email - please register for access.

If you've not used GrainTransact or CropConnect, please register for access.

Need further help?

How do I get to GrainTransact from within CropConnect?

GrainTransact has now been retired for buyers. The things that you could previously do in GrainTransact are now done in CropConnect insead.

Where does CropConnect get price and market information from?

All prices and market information presented is based on the offers, bids and cash prices placed in CropConnect. It is not restricted to GrainCorp only, it includes any buyer who places a bid (cash price).

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use CropConnect and what happens if I lose connectivity?

Yes, based on the nature of a live marketplace information is constantly changing, so you will need to be connected to the internet to ensure the information you are viewing is correct.

If you happen to lose connectivity halfway through placing or transacting with an offer / bid it could either submit or not at all. To confirm if the offer, bid or transaction has gone through, please first ensure you are connected to the internet. Then go to 'Active Offers', 'My Active Bids' or 'Trade History' depending on the action you were trying to perform, wait a couple of minutes and then refresh your browser. On update of the data you will see if your offer, bid or transaction has gone through.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Stocks Team.

What happens if CropConnect is not available?

If you have bids and/or offers during an unplanned outage, we will contact you to let you know your options.

Where do I find the menu on mobile and tablet?

If you can't see any of the menu items then you will find them collapsed behind the menu icon ('three lines') in the top right hand corner. Simply tap on this to access the menu. This is so you can still easily access the menu on smaller screens such as tablet and mobile.

What commodities can I sell or buy on CropConnect?

You can transact in any grain commodity accepted at a GrainCorp site on CropConnect.

What seasons can I sell or buy on CropConnect?

CropConnect currently only supports the current season of grain coming into warehouse. If an offer exists, on changeover of seasons it will no longer be visible. If a bid happens to be placed for an older season it can not be transacted with.

If you would like to transact on an older seasons please contact the Stocks Team.

What grades are GrainCorp accepting this season?

You can find the list of grades being accepted by GrainCorp for this season's harvest and a link to their corresponding quality parameters on the 'Sites' > 'Grades at Site' page.

Not all grades are available at every site. If a grade is not available at a site, then you won't be able to create a bid for it.

Please note, that only grain commodities can be transacted through CropConnect.

Where do I find the Grades at Site report?

You can now find the information from that report on the 'Sites' > 'Grades at Site' page.

Where do I find the Buyer Price report?

You can find the information from that report on the 'The Marketplace' > 'All Bids & Pools' page.

What type of transactions are supported?

All transactions that you previously performed in GrainTrainsact can now be done in CropConnect. This includes cash transactions between growers and buyers as well as transfer to contract, pool, cash, NGR and buyer .

All cash transactions are 'Receival Only' payment option, which means growers pay the storage fees and buyers pay the receival fees.

How do I print in CropConnect?

On certain pages, such as the 'Delivery Summary' you can use the Print Screen button to print those pages.

Throughout the rest of CropConnect, you can print pages by using the keyboard combination Ctrl+P.


I'm both a buyer and grower, how do I change the role I'm acting on?

Your buyer and grower profile is now combined in the one login. To change the role you're acting on, simply access the drop down menu from where your email is displayed in the top right hand corner. From here you can easily switch between your grower and buyer profiles.

On tablet or mobile, simply tap the menu icon to reveal the menu first.

How do I view my other accounts?

You can find the account you are currently viewing in the top right of CropConnect. This is the account you are acting on when placing a bid or accepting an offer. From here you can access a drop down menu and change to any of the other accounts you have linked.

You can also set your default account from within settings.


What is an offer and how can I create one?

An offer is a nominated price that a grower has placed on CropConnect to sell one of their holdings. An offer can be made up of part or a whole ticket, or a combination of these. 

A grower can create an offer either by indicating the total tonnes they wish to sell (tickets will be selected automatically, from oldest to newest) or by selecting the tickets they wish to sell and then indicating the tonnes for each ticket. They then set the price and confirm the duration the offer is valid for. An offer can be created from anywhere a 'create new offer' or 'place offer' button is displayed.

Prices and tonnage limits

What is a bid and how can I create one?

A bid is a cash price that a buyer has placed on CropConnect for a specified quantity of grain they wish to purchase. Bids update on the hour according to NSW Time (AEDT/AEST).

A buyer can create a bid from anywhere a 'create new bid' button is displayed, or by uploading a cash price file. To place a bid, a port zone tonnage limit needs to be specified by either adding a tonnage limit from the 'Tonnage Limits' menu, or uploading a tonnage limit file.

How do I specify or change my payment terms and payment types?

To set up or change your payment terms and payment types please contact the Stocks Team.

How do I upload my cash price or limit files?

Both files can be uploaded in CropConnect from the 'Tonnage Limits' tab under 'My Trades'.

Please note the price file format has changed, please see Managing Prices via Upload for the latest changes and to download the file.

Once I've uploaded a file, can I edit individual prices/limits without uploading again?

Yes, cash prices and tonnage limits can be edited from 'Tonnage Limits' or 'My Active Bids' within CropConnect. However, if a new file is then uploaded it will overwrite any existing prices, the same as it did in GrainTransact. You can now also manage individual prices or tonnage limits from your mobile or tablet.

What happens when I reset my tonnage balance?

On 'reset all balances', any corresponding trade balance for the port zone and holding will be reset to zero. This means you have the potential to accumulate the full tonnage limit again. 

Any bids active prior to resetting, will remain active. If any bid was deactivated due to the tonnage limit being reached, it will then be reactivated on the hour (NSW Time) as long as the bid is still valid at that time (i.e. not deleted or edited).

Where do I find pool prices?

You can find them on the Pools tab of the 'The Marketplace' > 'All Bids & Pools' page.

Preferred buyers

What is a preferred buyer?

A preferred buyer is a buyer that a grower has chosen to deal with when placing offers on the cash marketplace in CropConnect. Growers can place offers and accept bids without choosing any preferred buyers, however a buyer needs to be set as a preferred buyer before they can accept those offers or before auto-matching can take place. Therefore, an offer will not transact unless the grower has at least one preferred buyer.


How can I do a Buyer to Buyer Transfer?

You can transfer to another buyer on the 'My Trades' > 'Holdings' page.

How will transactions through CropConnect show on my acquisition file?

There will be no change to the acquisition file. Transactions completed in CropConnect will be included in the acquisition file the same as they were for any cash Grower to Buyer Transfer that was previously completed through GrainTransact.

Can I cancel or undo an accepted offer or bid?

No, all transactions through CropConnect are final, including any auto-match transactions. If you have any concerns, please contact the Stocks Team.

What is Auto-matching?

If there is an offer in the cash marketplace and a bid of equal or greater price (for the same holding) then it will auto-match and transact at the bid price. Auto-matching occurs:

  • for the highest price first,
  • then on a first-in first-served basis,
  • only between growers and their preferred buyers,
  • and when no auto-match curfew is in place.

What is the Auto-match Curfew?

The Auto-match Curfew is a time period in which no auto-matching or accepting of offers can occur. During this curfew, the marketplace can still be accessed, offers and bids can still be placed and growers can continue to accept bids. 

The Auto-match Curfew is in place: 

  • Outside the hours of 10am-6pm Monday-Friday (NSW Time - AEST and AEDT during daylight savings).
  • On weekends.
  • During NSW Public Holidays.


When do I need to create a movement request?

For certain inloads from third party sites you can initiate a movement request. For assistance please contact your port planner.

For outload requirements please send your request to Logistics planning or your Logistics planner, who will plan your requirements and create the movement request on your behalf.

How do I create a movement request?

Movement requests can be created from the 'Movements' > 'Requests' screen but are only needed in certain circumstances.

Where is the Transport Plan?

The Transport Plan, now called the 'Edit Schedule' screen, can be accessed through the 'Approved' tab on the 'Movements' >'Requests' page.

Where are my GC to GC movements?

These movements are now shown on the 'Movements' > 'Site to Site' page.

Where are my GC to/from non-GC movements?

These movements are now shown on the 'Movements' > 'Inloads & Outloads' page.

Where are my rail movements?

These movements are now shown on the 'Movements' > 'Rail' page.

Where are the wagon details of my rail movements?

Wagon details for a rail order can be found by clicking on the GC reference number for that order on the 'Movements' > 'Rail' page.


Where are my invoices?

You can see your invoices in CropConnect by going to 'Accounting' > 'Invoices'.

Why can't I see my invoices?

Only invoices issued by GrainCorp are shown in CropConnect. The list of invoices is updated daily, so invoices for the current day will not be shown until tomorrow.

How do I pay my invoices?

You currently can't pay invoices in CropConnect. Please refer to your invoices for details on how to pay.


Where can I view a Delivery Summary?

The Delivery Summary can now be found in CropConnect under 'Accounting' > ''Delivery Summary'.

You can also view your trade history which lists all of your transactions under 'My Trades' > 'Trade History'.

Where are my swaps and reclassifications?

Swaps and reclassifications can be found on the 'Accounting' > 'Swaps & Reclassifications' page.

Where can I download files?

A list of files for download can be found on 'File List' tab of the 'Accounting' > 'File Management' page.

Where can I schedule files?

Files can be scheduled from the 'Accounting' > 'File Management' page.


How do I change my notifications?

Notifications can be changed in 'Settings'. This can be accessed by simply selecting it from the drop down menu where your email is displayed in the top right hand corner.


How do I provide feedback about CropConnect?

If you are logged in, you can find a "Feedback?" link located below the filters in the left hand panel. The left hand panel is visible on most main pages. 

Currently, you can only provide feedback while using a computer or tablet (in landscape orientation).


Why can't I upload a cash price file?

There are a few reasons as to why:

  • CropConnect does not offer the uploading of files from a mobile or tablet.
  • An incorrect file format is being used. With the release of CropConnect the price file format has changed, please see Managing Prices via Upload for the latest changes and to download the file.

Why can't I see my bids?

There are a few reasons as to why:

Why aren't the offers and bids updating?

CropConnect requires an internet connection to display market information. Please ensure you are connected to the internet and the connection is working.

Information could change at any time with the buying and selling of grain, so we also advise that you regularly refresh your page to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Why can't I accept an offer?

There are a few reasons as to why:

  • There may be an Auto-match Curfew in place, offers cannot be accepted during this time.
  • You may not be a preferred buyer, you can only accept an offer if you are a preferred buyer of the grower who has placed the offer.
  • You may not be allowed to transact on a particular site or season. If you need to find out more, please contact the Stocks Team.
  • You may not have set up the right payment types for CropConnect. 

I set my tonnage limit, why did I receive more?

There is still a tolerance to any tonnage limit specified by a buyer. The tolerance is:

  • 250t for limits greater than or equal to 250t.
  • 100t for limits smaller than 250t.

I've uploaded a pricing file, why aren't my prices in CropConnect?

There may have been an error with your prices or with the file. Check the Buyer Pricing - Error file in under 'Accounting' > 'File Management'.

Why can't I approve a movement request?

You may not be able to approve a movement request because:

  • You do not have the right permissions.
  • The request is with GrainCorp Logistics for their approval.

What browsers or devices are supported?

If using a computer, CropConnect is best viewed with the browsers: Internet Explorer v10+, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome (latest), Safari (on Mac v9.1.1+) or Firefox (v47+).

If using a tablet or mobile, CropConnect is best viewed:

  • For Apple devices using iOS 8 and above, with Safari.
  • For Android devices using operating system of 4.4 and above (KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow), with the native browser or Google Chrome.

If you are having issues and not using one of the above, please upgrade to ensure you get the best experience out of CropConnect.


Who do I contact if I need further help?

You're not on your own! If you require any further assistance with CropConnect, performing transactions or accessing any of our systems please contact the Stocks Team on 1800 809 482 (option 1) or email