GrainCorp Containers has two convenient locations in Brisbane and Geelong for packing bulk grain and other commodities in containers for export markets worldwide.

Both locations specialise in packing 20ft containers and offer exporters the benefit of road and rail access, an integrated network of packing sites, centralised software and administration facilities and a dedicated Business Manager.


GrainCorp Containers Brisbane

GrainCorp Containers Brisbane is located at GrainCorp’s Port Terminal at Fisherman Islands, Brisbane. This new GrainCorp Containers facility is purpose built with a high level of automation and integration. The site is a Registered Export Premises, Compliance Directive approved by AQIS, and is used for packing a range of cereals and legumes.

Packing capacity is up to six containers per hour and stocks can be drawn from the main export terminal or received directly by road. Certified weighing and quality testing to AQIS export requirements enables the loading of containers direct for dispatch, without the need for subsequent weighing and handling.

GrainCorp Containers Geelong

GrainCorp Containers Geelong is located at GrainCorp’s Geelong Port Terminal and is capable of packing a full range of grains.

Customers using GrainCorp Containers Geelong can draw stocks from bulk terminal storage or receive delivery of commodities by road or rail. Geelong has the added advantage of offering convenient outturn to the domestic market and direct delivery to two malt houses via conveyor belt.

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