Truck Booking and Time Slotting


As a road freight provider, CropConnect’s online services allow you to manage your freight bookings with GrainCorp over the internet.

CropConnect is the system GrainCorp uses to manage grain inventory and truck movements in and out of Australia and at port facilities.

Individual truck movements for customer orders are managed and tracked in CropConnect via site movement order (SMO) numbers. CropConnect will continually update order information across the GrainCorp network. As you complete your pick-ups or deliveries, CropConnect will update the information you see online.

CropConnect also provides some fleet management features that allow you to save a list of truck registrations in your fleet. When you make a truck booking you can use the ‘Fleet’ option instead of entering a truck registration. This will allow any truck listed in your Fleet List to be accepted at a site.

For further information please contact our time slotting team:

p: 1800 809 482



Time Slotting

Time slots must be booked for deliveries into GrainCorp ports and trucks loading at any country location.  Time slots can be booked using GrainCorp’s online time slot booking system or by phoning 1800 809 482. 

For further information please refer to the documents below or contact our time slotting team in Marong: 

p:1800 809 482 



General Information


Vehicle Identification Charts


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