Time Slotting

Time slots must be booked for deliveries into GrainCorp ports and trucks loading at any country location. 

Time slots can be booked using GrainCorp’s online time slot booking system (, or by phoning 1800 809 482 (Option 2). 

GrainCorp publish a Time Slotting Capacity Report to give an overview of available time slot capacity. The report also includes site contact information.

Mass Management and Truck Charts

Each truck combination that GrainCorp deals with is assigned a specific truck code and it is recommended that truck drivers are familiar with their truck code prior to arriving. Trucks operating at weights that are heavier than the General Mass Limit (GML) must present applicable permits prior to loading.

Heavy Vehicle Access

Although ‘last mile’ issues where B double trucks could not access GrainCorp sites are largely resolved, care must be taken with other combinations such as road trains, PBS trucks and trucks operating to the Higher Mass Limit. GrainCorp staff will request access permits for trucks loading at sites that do not have access.

Truck Driver Induction

Truck drivers are encouraged to complete the GrainCorp Truck Driver Induction before arriving at a GrainCorp site. The induction includes more information for truck drivers about GrainCorp’s systems and process. To complete the induction, please log into GrainCorp’s People Hub system.

A procedure on how to complete the induction is included below.

For further information please refer to the documents below, or contact our Time Slotting team: 

p:1800 809 482 (Option 2)



General Information


Vehicle Identification Charts


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