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As well as providing storage facilities, warehousing with GrainCorp offers the following benefits:

Concentrate on your harvest

Growers are given peace of mind to concentrate on harvest. Decisions on grain marketing can be delayed for as little as one day or for up to a year before selling at a time and price to suit your plans.

Simple Grower Warehousing Agreements

A Grower Warehousing Agreement is all you need to warehouse grain with us. Just deliver your grain into warehousing and we will automatically issue you with an agreement.

Retain marketing options

Warehousing with GrainCorp gives growers the opportunity to trade with a multitude of customers whilst still retaining the right to outturn their GrainCorp warehouse stocks at all times.

Convenient grain marketing

Buy and sell warehoused grain online with CropConnect using Secured Payments, where you are guaranteed either full payment or your grain title returned. Click here to learn more.

Easy transport tracking

Grower Delivery Summaries give detailed listings of grain deliveries by site, customer and grade. Summaries can be accessed online through GrainTransact or by calling us on 1800 809 482.

Delayed Storage Fees

There are no up-front fees for GrainCorp warehousing. Storage and handling fees are payable when grain is sold, thereby assisting with cash flow management.

Risk Management at its best

By warehousing at GrainCorp’s facilities, growers are relieved of storage risks and quality management. GrainCorp accepts all grain storage risks and honours confirmed quality claims on product delivered from our storages to the marketplace.



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