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End-to-end Supply Chain

GrainCorp is a leading Australian agribusiness with ownership of unique assets spanning the grain and oilseed supply chain. Through the seamless integration of these operations around the world, we are able to provide personal customer service, high quality assurance, confidence of delivery and competitive pricing.

GrainCorp customers enjoy the combination of our large scale storage network and local marketing teams, which provide them with direct access to domestic and global markets.


GrainCorp is the largest storage network in eastern Australia - with over 20 million tonnes total storage capacity seamlessly linked by rail to our 7 bulk export terminals.

This scale and our expertise provide our customers with the comfort that we can deliver quality assured grain with confidence of supply.


Strategically positioned to meet the demand of the world’s most rapidly growing regions, including Asia, the Middle East and Africa, GrainCorp is represented on the ground throughout Australia’s grain growing regions and across four continents by our international marketing team.

We partner with our customers to analyse the market, manage price risk and create value at every stage of the supply chain.


GrainCorp’s extensive network of storage and accumulation sites is seamlessly linked by rail and road to our 7 bulk grain ports along Australia’s eastern seaboard. This allows us to offer quality assured grain, transport efficiency and confidence of supply.


GrainCorp's 7 bulk grain ports on Australia’s eastern seaboard, make the company the largest exporter of bulk grain from eastern Australia. Our port facilities ensure rapid turnaround to provide a quality assured product around the world.


GrainCorp is one of the world’s leading maltsters, the largest Australian integrated edible oils business and is Australia’s largest miller of edible flour through our Allied Mills joint venture.

GrainCorp’s processing expertise enables us to pass on valuable knowledge to our upstream and downstream customers.