Serviceton (EOI extended)

Closing Date for Heads of Agreement 31-Aug-2019

The property comprises a former grain storage facility comprising concrete silos and streel shed with ancillary improvements.

The main improvements on the land comprise;

  • Double sided sample stand & cabin
  • In ground 60 weighbridge deck & cabin.
  • VOP  3,000 tonne grain shed 
  • Ascom 6,000 tonne grain shed
  • Steel Ascom 1,900 tonne bin
  • Concrete 3,000 tonne Geelong silo bins
  • Small chemical shed

Copeman Street
Lot Details
Title Volume 10248 Fol. 437 being Crown allotment 2A Section 14 Township of Serviceton Parish of Leeor.
Approx Land Size
2.042 ha

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