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Storage and Logistics

As a leading Australian agribusiness, GrainCorp has a diverse range of grain storage, handling, marketing and processing operations.  Through our integrated supply chain we market grain to local and global markets, and we are a large buyer of grain for our malt, edible oils and flour processing business.

Through the seamless integration of these operations we are able to provide security, high quality assurance, confidence of delivery and competitive pricing.

GrainCorp has the largest grain storage and logistics network in eastern Australia, spanning regional storage facilities, rail/road and bulk grain ports.

From the farm gate to international export markets, GrainCorp’s ownership of key supply chain assets allow us to source, store, handle and transport grain efficiently and securely.

Our supply chain assets allow us to closely manage the quality of grain in our system and provide high quality assurance to our customers.

  • Country receival sites with over 20million tonnes of storage capacity
  • More than 4 million tonnes rail freight capacity
  • Operating 14 bulk liquid terminals in Australia, New Zealand and China
  • Largest bulk exporter of eastern Australian grain
  • High quality assurance and 4 NATA* approved laboratories 
  • Over 150 active grain buyers competing in our system

Delivery capability – locally and globally

GrainCorp’s 7 bulk grain ports on the eastern seaboard, make the company the largest exporter of bulk grain from eastern Australia, handling 15 million tonnes of grain export capacity.  This scale and our expertise provide our customers with the comfort that we can deliver quality assured grain with confidence of supply.

Connection with local and global markets

As a leading Australian agribusiness, GrainCorp provides customers with unparalleled access to local and global markets.  Our System provides a marketplace where domestic and export traders and processors are actively competing to buy grain in our network.

  • 6 million tonnes of grain sold and delivered each year to over 200 domestic and international customers across 30+ countries
  • Experts specialising in different export markets
  • Outstanding market analysis and price risk management

Quality Assurance

GrainCorp’s quality assurance systems provide testing at all key points along the grain supply chain.  Combined with our 4 NATA* approved laboratories, GrainCorp is able to provide consistently high quality grain and full traceability of supply.

  • GAFTA+ approved analysis scheme
  • ISO9001# certified and ISO17025 accredited
  • Halal certified for wheat and barley, kosher certified for edible oils.

* National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia
+ Grain and Feed Trade Association
# International Organisation for Standardisation

Competitive marketplace for grain

We have a proud track record of delivering strong sales performance for Australian growers.  The competitive marketplace created in our system means domestic and international grain buyers are actively competing to buy grain in our network, and our marketing teams provide direct access to domestic and global markets.  Our international network of offices market 4m+ tonnes of grain internationally.

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