GrainCorp Croptimiser gives you the ability to increase the value of your warehoused wheat, so you can increase your return.

GrainCorp Croptimiser shares the quality value with you by averaging your eligible wheat deliveries, while also protecting the high quality levels expected by end customers.

Take advantage of your grain equity with GrainCorp Croptimiser

Now when you warehouse your wheat with GrainCorp, you can use the excess equity in your warehoused loads to upgrade other loads that may be eligible, where quality is close to the adjacent higher grade.

Available for hard wheat and durum grades in the 2015/16 season.

Once you’ve built up quality equity in your warehouse wheat, you may be eligible to upgrade your warehoused loads.

To qualify for the benefits of GrainCorp Croptimiser, you need to meet 3 upgrade criteria. These criteria protect the value of your product by ensuring the overall quality of wheat meets the expectations and requirements of end customers.

Download the GrainCorp Croptimiser flyer for more information on the 3 upgrade criteria.

Upgrading is easy

  • GrainCorp will notify you on Mondays and Thursdays via email or SMS if you have Eligible Loads that could meet the 3 upgrade criteria
  • Contact the GrainCorp Stocks Team on 1800 809 482 to confirm your eligibility to upgrade based on the above criteria
  • The Stocks Team will identify you using your NGR and registration details
  • The Stocks Team will upgrade as per your instructions.

To ensure all your value is correctly captured and allocated to you, loads can only be upgraded through the GrainCorp Stocks Team. You will receive a weekly summary of loads upgraded through GrainCorp Croptimiser via email.