storage & logistics

Storage and Logistics

GrainCorp’s storage, handling and logistics network is one of the world's largest, covering the length and breadth of Australia's eastern states. We service approximately 30,000 grain producers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Our combined storage capacity is more than 21 million tonnes at over 280 country sites, 7 bulk port elevators and 2 specialty terminals. Our network is aligned with rail and/or road links for transporting grain to domestic and international markets. Our port elevators are also serviced by 24 contracted trains with the capacity to haul up to 6 million tonnes annually.

Storage and handling operations

GrainCorp’s warehousing facilities offer growers easy access and fast turnaround. Our system is open access to all grain buyers providing a vibrant and liquid grain marketplace for growers all year round.

Convenience and choice

Greater marketing choice and the convenience of selling when the time suits, are the key advantages of using GrainCorp’s storage and handling facilities. Growers retain ownership of grain until ready to sell. Our silos’ open marketplace attracts many buyers competing to purchase grain and take advantage of our supply chain expertise. We take the risk out of owning grain by taking on quality and volume risk (including insurance) for grain stored in our network.

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