Narrabri Laboratory

Narrabri provides the equipment and training for grain quality management for the receival, storage and outturn of grain from GrainCorp’s receival sites in the northern NSW region.

Narrabri laboratory maintains, calibrates and offers technical support of all quality testing equipment in the lab and at all GrainCorp receival sites in the region. Narrabri Research & Development is also responsible for investigating and implementing new testing procedures and technologies needed to suit the current harvest conditions as well as improving the efficiency of testing equipment and procedures already in place. It also conducts food safety testing including testing for mycotoxins and coordinates pesticide residue testing.

The majority of R&D work is based on the use of Near Infra Red (NIR) technology in grain analysers that determine the moisture, protein and oil contents of grain and seeds. To achieve this, we are constantly analysing new NIR technology and calibrations to ensure GrainCorp’s testing equipment is up to date and at an international standard. In conjunction with NIR, we also investigate non-NIR equipment that may have the potential for use in GrainCorp’s system.