GrainsConnect Canada Operations, Inc. is a joint venture between GrainCorp and Zen-Noh Grain Corporation, a subsidiary of major Japanese agricultural cooperative Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations).

We operate four new, high-capacity grain terminals in Maymont and Reford, Saskatchewan as well as in Vegreville and Huxley, Alberta.

Our local Canadian team works with growers and manages efficient delivery to customers via a high-speed rail network. Our sites have 134-car continuous track loop for rapid loading and the new Fraser Grain Terminal in Vancouver will soon offer four million tonnes of export capacity and is expected to load around 80 bulk vessels per year.

Fraser Grain Terminal Ltd. is a joint venture between Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited and GrainsConnect Canada Operations Inc. It will be used to ship bulk grain products including wheat, barley, oil seeds, pulses and other specialty grains.

Through the GrainsConnect joint venture, we provide Canada’s most efficient, modern grain supply chain, connecting the western prairies with international markets.

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Mr Glen Pownall

Senior Trader
Ph: +1 204 928 5800
Argentina (Agent for the export of Argentinean grains, oilseeds and meals)
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Mr Juan Torruella

Ph: +54 11 6929 6555