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Community Fund


At GrainCorp, we know that sporting clubs and community events are the lifeline of many smaller regional and rural communities.

That’s why our sponsorships program is designed to specifically support regional sporting clubs and community events to ensure social inclusion and positive health outcomes for our employees, customers, and broader communities.

Sponsorships are awarded as a financial contribution, in exchange for promotion of the GrainCorp brand or services.

Sponsorships Eligibility

To be eligible for our Community Foundation Sponsorship program, your application must address the following guiding principles:

  • Applications must be for a club or event located within an area where GrainCorp operates;
  • Applications must contain activation plans that recognise GrainCorp’s support;
  • Where possible, applications may provide engagement opportunities for GrainCorp employees;
  • Applications must demonstrate a direct connection with community development; and
  • Applications must be categorised within at least one of GrainCorp’s Community Foundation Pillars

Every sponsorship application will be assessed on the above principles, to determine whether there is a strategic fit with GrainCorp’s business and broader community program.

Apply for a GrainCorp sponsorship now

Please be aware that while we receive many worthy applications for support, we are not able to satisfy every request. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All applications will only be acknowledged if submitted via this online portal. Email applications will not be considered.


At GrainCorp, we seek to support our communities in their endeavours to develop, renew, recover and thrive.

Our grants program provides financial support to organisations and projects that contribute to the development and promotion of those communities.

There are two types of activities that we fund:

  1. Community-related programs & activities (Maximum funding limit: $5,000)
  2. Community infrastructure projects (Maximum funding limit: $20,000)

Grants Eligibility

To be eligible for our Community Foundation Grants Program, your organisation or project must:

  • Be based within a GrainCorp operational region or region linked to grain growing activities;
  • Be intended to have a positive effect on local communities in rural and regional areas;
  • Demonstrate a direct connection with community development; and
  • Be categorised within at least one of GrainCorp’s Community Foundation Pillars

In order to meet our Community Fund objectives, GrainCorp does not contribute to the following:

  • Projects that are primarily the responsibility of Government at any level, or where the Government could be reasonably expected to provide principal funding
  • Projects promoted by political organisations or candidates, or events that are political in nature
  • Projects that have already received sponsorship funding from GrainCorp
  • Events for religious purposes or religious organisations
  • Projects or organisations that are commercial in nature
  • National projects
  • Retrospective requests
  • Non-for-profit charity mass appeal donation requests
  • Camps, excursions, festivals, fundraising drives or trips for individuals or school groups


How to Apply for GrainCorp Community Fund Grants: 

There are two funding rounds per year and applications will be accepted during the below timeframes:

  • 1 – 29 February 2022
  • 1 – 31 July 2022


Applications for the 2021 GrainCorp Community Grants Programs are currently closed and will reopen in early 2022.