Our Culture

We’re a leading agribusiness that offers rewarding careers throughout our global network. Here you can find more information about our shared culture and values, our focus on inclusion and diversity as well as more information about our harvest casual work opportunities.

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Our Culture

Our vision is to lead sustainable and innovative agriculture through another century of growth.

We’re proudly connecting with customers and rural communities to deliver value through innovation and expertise.

The world is growing at an unprecedented rate. And as population climbs, food demand will surge. It’s estimated that global food production will need to double in the next 30 years just to keep up.

With operations in grains and oilseeds in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, New Zealand, UK and Ukraine, GrainCorp is an accomplished and diverse business partner operating at scale in a vital industry. And our customers are central members of an international taskforce stepping up to meet that challenge.

Our Inclusion & Diversity Vision

At GrainCorp, we have a shared passion for our people and believe in fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity, where our employees can thrive.  

We value different thinking, different perspectives and different ideas to drive innovation and deliver better results for our customers and our business.  

We aspire to work in an environment where everyone feels they belong and can reach their full potential. 

GrainCorp continues to be an active member of NEEOPA, Diversity Council Australia and Diversity Works New Zealand.

Our inclusion & Diversity Action Plan (iDAP)

GrainCorp’s inclusion and diversity goals include: 

  • An inclusive workplace: To foster a workplace where everyone feels they belong and can reach their full potential. 
  • Diversity of peoples and perspectives: To engage, develop and retain a diverse employee base that reflects our customers and the communities in which we operate. 
  • Equity in practice and policy: To ensure equal access for all individuals, providing everyone with the support and tools needed to be successful and included. 

Our iDAP is a businesswide, actionoriented initiative that provides structure and determines our focus, activities and goals.

GrainCorp’s iDAP Key Focuses

  • Inclusion 
    Inclusion of all – it’s at the heart of everything we do. It creates a sense of belonging and allows us to thrive individually and collectively. 
  • Indigenous Awareness
    Increasing the knowledge of indigenous cultures and history across our domestic and international geographies. 
  • Gender 
    Promoting gender equality, equity and participation throughout the GrainCorp business. 
  • LGBTIQ+ 
    Ensuring equality, respect and inclusion in decisionmaking and people processes. 
  • Disability 
    Ensuring equal opportunities for disabled employees and candidates are considered and promoted. 
  • Stage of Life 
    Promoting an increased awareness of multi-generational teams and benefits. 
  • Cultural and Language Diversity
    Recognising and celebrating the diverse culture and background of all GrainCorp employees