GrainCorp’s head office is located in Sydney, Australia.  

We operate the largest grain storage and handling network on the east coast of Australia, operating more than 150 regional receival sites and 20 million metric tonnes of storage capacity. 

We have up to 15 million metric tonnes elevation capacity across seven bulk port terminals. 

We source and trade grain from the east coast of Australia, South Australia and Western Australia for domestic and international customers. 

In Victoria and Western Australia, we operate two oilseed crushing facilities, used to produce canola oil and canola meal. 

We operate two processing plants in Victoria for refining, bleaching, deodorising and blending edible fats and oils to produce high-quality ingredients for the food industry.

At our West Footscray site, we have a pilot plant to help customers test and perfect their products before going into full production.   

Our Animal Nutrition business operates four liquid feed distribution centres to service the cattle and livestock industry throughout Australia. 

Our national Used Cooking Oil collection serviceAUSCOL, operates six recycling and distribution centres where oil is upcycled and can be used as components of biofuel.  

Supporting these facilities and services are our network of laboratories for delivering quality-assured commodities across our supply chain.

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