Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement

GrainCorp’s corporate governance statement sets out the key features of the Company’s governance framework and reports against the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations published by the ASX Corporate Governance Council.

GrainCorp’s current Corporate Governance Statement can be accessed here.


GrainCorp’s Code of Conduct and other policies have been developed to align with our values to ensure that we observe the highest standards of fair dealing, honesty and integrity in our business activities. 

GrainCorp is committed to the protection of individuals who disclose information about illegal or improper conduct occurring within GrainCorp. Our Group Whistleblower Policy has been adopted to provide a safe and confidential environment where such concerns can be raised without fear of reprisal or detrimental treatment.  

To ensure appropriate escalation and timely investigation of matters under the Group Whistleblower Policy, GrainCorp encourages reports to be made in writing or by phone to the FairCall Hotline 

Please refer to the Group Whistleblower Policy for details on how to report information about illegal or improper conduct occurring within GrainCorp. The policy includes contact details for the FairCall hotline and how to make a report in writing.

Corporate Governance Contact

Annerly Squires

Company Secretary