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Partnering with our communities through a shared passion for growth

GrainCorp Community Foundation

For more than 100 years, GrainCorp has supported the rural and regional communities in which we live and work.

Our role goes beyond handling and storing grain – we champion our communities through sponsoring and promoting events, projects, artworks and organisations.

Our Foundation supports…

Infrastructure & Capability

Initiatives that provide long-lasting benefits for community members, such as local infrastructure projects, sports facility upgrades and volunteering opportunities.

Community Connectedness

Programs that drive community participation and achieve connectedness, development and growth, such as tourism initiatives, sport and recreation group participation and community events.

Peace of Mind

Projects that contribute to the health and safety of communities and promote a sense of care and security, such as mental health and wellbeing programs, education and development opportunities and sustainability.

I’m looking for…

The GrainCorp Community Foundation provides our communities with the support they need to flourish, through three major programs:

Community Fund:
Grants & Sponsorships

Silo Art


Stories from our communities…

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