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GrainCorp launches Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan
March 27, 2024

Developed in collaboration with Indigenous stakeholders, community leaders and experts, GrainCorp’s RAP outlines specific actions and initiatives aimed at promoting cultural awareness, economic empowerment and social equity for Indigenous communities.

GrainCorp worked closely with Reconciliation Australia on its journey to gaining ‘Innovate’ status – granted to organisations that are focussed on strengthening relationships with First Nations Peoples and piloting strategies to further national reconciliation.

GrainCorp CEO Robert Spurway says the launch builds upon the foundations of the company’s ‘Reflect’ RAP and deepens its commitment to reconciliation.

“As a company with 100-plus year history and a significant footprint in regional and remote Australia, we recognise that reconciliation requires commitment, dedication, and action.”

Graincorp ceo robert spurway

The release marks GrainCorp as the first Australian agribusiness to launch a RAP at this level. 

“It’s a roadmap that will guide our efforts to build stronger relationships with the First Nations communities in which we live and work,” Robert continues.

“It will also serve as a framework through which we can create meaningful employment and career opportunities for First Nations Peoples and promote cultural awareness and understanding throughout our organisation.”

Among the key highlights of GrainCorp’s Innovate RAP are initiatives aimed at enhancing cultural awareness, supporting First Nations employment and growth, and fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment.

  • Create opportunities for economic empowerment: Identify opportunities to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment pathways and procurement strategies within GrainCorp.
  • Recognise and respect Traditional Owners on the lands which we operate: Acknowledge GrainCorp’s shared nourishment on the lands it operates and work with Traditional Owners to enhance how we interact with them.
  • Uplift cultural capability within GrainCorp: Focus on creating and educating a culturally competent workforce who are empowered and equipped to engage with the Indigenous community.
  • Lead our peers in impacting Indigenous agriculture: Leverage our expertise, operations and role within the industry to build stronger connections between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and agriculture.

Aboriginal Artist and Graphic Designer Lani Balzan created the artwork for GrainCorp’s Innovate RAP.

In July 2023, GrainCorp announced a partnership with the Go Foundation – an organisation led by AFL stars, Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin, to empower Indigenous youth through education and mentorship.

As a partner, GrainCorp provides assistance, opportunities and experiences for Indigenous students, including mentorship programs and internships for those interested in pursuing careers in agriculture.

GrainCorp employees attend a cultural connection day hosted by The Go Foundation.

GrainCorp Chief Corporate Affairs Officer & Group General Counsel, Stephanie Belton – GrainCorp’s RAP Sponsor – says the partnership aligns with GrainCorp’s RAP focus area of education.

“Our partnership with the Go Foundation exemplifies our dedication to supporting organisations that promote meaningful engagement and sustainable change.”

She adds: “With GrainCorp’s broad geographic reach and connection to the land, we’re uniquely positioned to learn from many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

“We have a shared passion for reconciliation and are confident in our team’s ability to bring this plan to fruition.”

Read GrainCorp’s Innovate RAP here.

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