Harvest Workers

Harvest Your Potential

Applications opening from July 2024

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Experience a ‘taste’ of working in the Australian grains industry by applying to join our harvest worker team.

No two harvests are the same, but typically the action starts in Central Queensland around late September; it moves down to Southern Queensland and Northern NSW by mid-October; and hits Southern NSW and Victoria by late October to early November.

What is harvest work with GrainCorp?

Safely and efficiently moving millions of tonnes of grain into our receival sites across Queensland, NSW and Victoria during harvest requires a big effort and focus from our teams – and our harvest workers are crucial to that process.

No experience? No problem! We provide you with all the training needed to be a part of our team. Explore the videos and role descriptions below to find your perfect fit. 

Harvest worker responsibilities are outlined below. 

Grain Handler (Silo / Bunker Operator / General labouring)

  • Monitor the flow of grain from truck unloading, onto equipment and into storage (shed, silo, bunker)
  • Ensure a clean work area (sweeping, shovelling and blowing down dust).
  • Protect and cover the grain in our bunker storage using tarpaulins.
  • Operate equipment including tractors, augers and drive-over hoppers.

      Sample Stand Attendant

      • First point of contact for growers and truck drivers coming to the site.
      • ‘Spear’ truck to obtain grain samples using manual or automatic spears.
      • Test grain samples for protein, moisture and contaminants against specifications.
      • Enter data into our systems as per compliance requirements.
      • Maintain a neat and tidy work area.

      Weighbridge Operator

      • Enter data on truck weight and data into our system as per compliance regulations.
      • Answer all telephone calls to the site office.
      • Perform basic administrative duties in support of the Site Manager.
      • Maintain a neat and tidy work area.

      Recruitment Overview

      #HarvestYourPotential today through our streamlined recruitment process. There are four important steps you must follow:

      • Step 1: Complete your health survey via email
      • Step 2: We’ll verify your legal right to work
      • Step 3: Complete your online onboarding modules in PeopleHub (desktop computer or laptop required)
      • Step 4: Complete your online learning modules in PeopleHub

        IMPORTANT: We prioritise your personal security and will never ask for your bank details over the phone or in email – only via our people system PeopleHub.

        To be considered for casual employment during harvest, you must:

        • Have your own accommodation;
        • Be available to commence work from September through to December (depending on your preferred location);
        • Be capable and willing to work in an outdoor and shift work environment;
        • Be an Australian citizen or hold a valid work visa and provide evidence, and;
        • Be at least 16 years old or have the permission of a parent / guardian if younger than 18.
        • For those with asthma, an Asthma Action Plan signed by your treating practitioner within the past 12 months.


          When you have received an email with your ‘Offer of Employment’ and completed your onboarding in PeopleHub.


          When you have completed your online learning in PeopleHub.


          When your Site Manager contacts you to commence your first shift.

          View our locations & vacancies (No current vacancies)

          Choose where you want to begin your harvest journey by exploring our vacancies and operating locations.

          Be sure to select a location close to where you live, or where you can bring your caravan, campervan or other form of portable accommodation.

          Please note: We display locations that have harvest vacancies to assist candidates with identifying a preferred location. Additionally, commencement dates are weather-dependent and are a guide only.

          Last updated 12 April 2024.

          StateClusterLocationVacanciesCommencing BetweenAccommodation

           Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

          What information do I need to provide in my application?

          Our online application form will guide you on the minimum information required like preferred location, preferred position and available start date.

          You don't need to attach a resume or cover letter.

          If you are an Australian citizen, please attach your:
          • Australian passport or ImmiCard; OR
          • Australian birth certificate and a form of photo ID; OR
          • Australian citizenship certificate and a form of photo ID

          If you are not an Australian citizen, please attach a copy of your international passport.

          Please note that by applying for employment with GrainCorp and providing your work rights document, you consent to GrainCorp conducting a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) Check to verify your visa conditions.

          If you are under 18 years of age, you must upload parental or legal guardian consent in addition to the above documents.

          Can I apply on my mobile device?

          You can apply for harvest work via your mobile device. However, if successful, you will need a computer desktop or laptop to complete your Onboarding in our people management system, PeopleHub.

          How do I update my application (location or role preference)?

          Via your Candidate Account, you can update your application when it is the “New Application” or “Update Application” step.

          Do not withdraw your application as you will start the recruitment process all over again (and likely miss out).


          Once you have progressed in our recruitment process, your preferences cannot be edited.

          You can find out the status of your application by logging in to your Candidate Account.

          I am available in multiple locations, what do I select?

          Please select the location where you are available to start first.

          We will let you know if your preference is not available and will ask you to update your application to your next preference.

          I applied for QLD, do I also need to apply for NSW or VIC?

          Please select the location you are available to start first.

          If we are unable to place you at that location, we will let you know via email and within the same application, you can select a new location in NSW or VIC.

          Tips to securing your next preference:

          • Have your own accommodation (renting a house or caravan/campervan).
          • Apply to locations with multiple vacancies (vacancies are displayed above).
          • Apply to a location that has a harvest start date that aligns with your availability.
          My friend has progressed in the process but I haven't, what do I do?

          Please be patient as we assess the thousands of applications for harvest.

          Each application is assessed separately therefore you and your friend may receive notifications at different times. 

          In your application, be sure to let us know the full name of the person travelling with you.

          I applied however have not received an update

          Please be patient as we assess the thousands of applications for harvest.

          Each application is assessed separately against our location and position requirements.

          You will receive email updates as your application progresses and you can view your status in your Candidate Account.

          I want to withdraw my application. How can I do this?

          We understand your circumstances may change, so if you are no longer available to work with us for harvest, please sign into your Candidate Account. From there, click on 'Jobs Applied' and select 'Withdraw Application'. Alternatively, click here to withdraw.

          Do not withdraw your application to make updates as you will loose your place and start the recruitment process all over again (and likely miss out).

          Candidates with asthma

          Asthma Australia recommends that everyone with asthma has a written Asthma Action Plan signed by a doctor that has been developed with you within the last 12 months.

          Due to the potential environmental exposure to asthma triggers, GrainCorp adopts this recommendation and requires candidates with asthma provide an Asthma Action Plan prior to employment.

          Learn more about an Asthma Action Plan here.

          An Asthma Action Plan can be found here.

          I've applied for harvest work. When will I start?

          In your 'Offer of Employment' email, it will state the earliest date that we may contact you to start work.

          Your Site Manager will call you to inform you of your exact start date and time of your first shift.

          Please note that the weather plays a significant factor in determining when you might start.

          How much will I be paid?

          Within the GrainCorp Enterprise Agreement that applies to your employment, the classification structure outlines what are the tasks / responsibilities for each grade.

          Your Site Manager will determine the tasks that you are to perform and you will receive the associated pay rate for that grade.

          As a reference, the entry Grade 1 is tabled below:

          State, Location Enterprise Agreement Grade 1 Hourly Rate (inclusive of Casual Loading).
          QLD Queensland Country Operations Enterprise Agreement $32.5
          QLD - Mackay, Gladstone, Brisbane, Pinkenba Queensland Terminals $33.37
          NSW New South Wales Country Operations $32.5
          NSW - Newcastle Newcastle Terminal $38.18
          NSW – Port Kembla Port Kembla $33.37
          NSW Port Kembla Lab Port Kembla – Quality Assurance $33.51
          VIC Victorian Country Operations $32.89
          VIC – Geelong, Portland Geelong, Sunshine and Portland Enterprise Agreement $40.38

          Last updated 24 October 2023

          How many hours can I expect to work?

          On any day you are engaged to work, the minimum will be 4 hours.

          Harvest workers are rostered shifts to meet operational requirements. Shifts can average between 4 to 10 hours, depending on the site operating hours. Early shifts, afternoon shifts, and night shifts may also be required. Work can be up to several weeks, depending on harvest conditions and operational requirements.

          Am I required to work on weekends and public holidays?

          Yes. At harvest, our sites operate 7 days a week to meet grower demand. Some of our sites also operate through the night. This means that if you are successful in securing a casual employment with us, you may be rostered by your Site Manager to work on a weekend or asked to work on a public holiday and it is important that you make yourself available through these periods, within reason. Your Site Manager will discuss this further with you when you start, and you should let them know if you have an important occasion to take into consideration when planning rosters.

          Can I request a specific shift?

          Days and hours of work (shifts) are coordinated locally, so please speak with your Site Manager regarding any preferences. Your Site Manager will take into consideration the skills, training and experience of a team to adequately run a shift

          How and when do I get paid for the work I perform?

          You will be paid via electronic funds transfer every fortnightly, into your nominated bank account and this will occur on the Thursday of pay week at the latest. The actual day on which your pay reaches your bank account will depend on your bank.

          What is the working environment like?

          Work as a harvest worker can involve exposure to challenging environmental conditions such as dust, noise, traffic, and hot temperatures.

          Will I be paid for the training I undertake?

          Employees who complete online learning and commence employment are paid for this training.

          Training completed on site is also paid.

          I worked the harvest with GrainCorp last year. Do I need to complete online learning?

          Yes. We review and improve our ways of working each year, so it is important that you re-complete your online learning so that you are familiar with the new requirements.

          Is accommodation available?

          The best way to securing a harvest position is to have your own accommodation (either a house in your preferred location or having a caravan/campervan for use).

          If you are relying on GrainCorp for accommodation, this will impact your application as we have very limited accommodation.

          The very little accommodation we do have is published on this website and allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

          Is there an accommodation allowance?

          No, there is no accommodation allowance available this year.

          I am applying to work the harvest but I do not have a motor vehicle. Will I require transport?

          Employees need to arrange their own transport to and from the worksite. This may be something employees can discuss with their Site Manager. Generally, there is limited public transport where we operate.

          Are meals provided?

          Employees need to arrange their own meals. Fresh drinking water is supplied so please bring your water bottle

          Can I work with my friend / travelling companion/s?

          We do our best to place friends and travelling companions together provided you are flexible with your location preference.

          In your application, there is space to let us know who you would like to work with.

          How can I ensure I am assigned a location with my friend/travelling companion?

          Enter your friend's full name and email address when applying. The Recruitment team will then let you know of the outcome.

          Does work with GrainCorp count as regional work towards my Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) OR Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)?

          The Department of Home Affairs sets the ‘specified work' requirements for subclass 417 and 462 visa holders.

          In terms of the subclass 417 visa, specified work is work that is undertaken in a 'specified' industry, in a specified area of regional area.

          In terms of the subclass 462 visa, specified work is work that is undertaken in a ‘specified’ industry, in a specified area of northern or regional Australia.

          You can consult with the Department of Home Affairs website for more information.

          Does the Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408 - Australian Government endorsed events (COVID-19 Pandemic event)) apply to this work?

          Yes, GrainCorp operates in the agriculture sector.

          I've completed work at my first location but want to continue working the harvest with GrainCorp. Can I apply to work elsewhere?

          Yes! We are always looking for people to travel to other locations to continue working.

          Please let your Site Manager know you are available to work at another location.

          Why am I unable to use a shared email address for my online application?

          The email address you provide in your online application is used as a unique way of identifying you throughout the application process. We also use your email address to issue payslips when you work with us. This is why it is important that every applicant provides an email address which is unique to them. There are several service providers who offer free email accounts, such as Gmail or Outlook.com.

          Why can’t I find the location I want to work at when applying?

          We list the locations where we are accepting applications. So, if your preferred location is not listed, please select another one on the list that you are available to work at.

          How do I change my location, position or available start date preferences?

          In your Candidate Account, you will need to “Withdraw Application” and apply again with your new preferences.

          If you change your preferences late in the recruitment process, we will be limited in our ability to accommodate your changes so please consider your application carefully.

          Click here to let us know once you have withdrawn and are ready to update your application.

          How do I update my personal details (home address, email, mobile number) during or after my employment with GrainCorp?

          During the employment process, you can update your personal details in our people management system “PeopleHub”. After employment, you can email peoplehubservices@graincorp.com.au with details and evidence of your change.

          What if I don’t have a Tax File Number (TFN) yet?

          If you don’t have a Tax File Number (TFN), you can still complete your New Starter Paperwork!

          When completing your Onboarding in PeopleHub, simply select from the following options.

          • I have made a separate application/enquiry to the ATO for a new or existing TFN 
          • I am claiming an exemption because I am under 18 years of age and do not earn enough to pay tax.
          • I am claiming an exemption because I am in receipt of a pension, benefit, or allowance.

          When you do have your TFN, please complete the form and send to payrollqueries@graincorp.com.au

          How do I update my Tax File Number (TFN)

          When you have your TFN, please complete this form and send to payrollqueries@graincorp.com.au

          What if I don’t have a Superannuation Fund?

          You can select the GrainCorp default superannuation fund which will be available during Onboarding in PeopleHub

          How do I change my superannuation fund?

          During the onboarding process you can nominate a superannuation fund or to nominate GrainCorp’s default fund.

          If you need to update your nominated superannuation fund, email payroll@graincorp.com.au with your superannuation standard choice form. Please include your Employee ID and full name in the email subject line.

          What if I don’t have an Australian Bank Account?

          Please only apply if you have an Australian bank account.

          How do I change my bank details?

          During the onboarding process, you are given the option to provide your bank details.

          If you need to update your bank details, this is completed by you in your PeopleHub employee profile (look for the pencil icon to edit).

          For security reasons, we cannot change this on your behalf.

          I received two emails “Action Required: Confirm your Details”. What do I need to do next?

          If you are a returning employee and receive this email again, please:

          1. Follow the prompts to reset your password as your new User ID (your former Employee ID) has been reinstated.
          2. Complete any remaining online learning assigned to you.

          Please note: Completing the 'New Starter Paperwork' is not required.

          The PeopleHub User Guide is available for support.

          I can’t login to my candidate account, but I’m still in the recruitment process. What do I need to do?

          To reset your password, select "Forgot your password?" in the Sign In Candidate page and then enter the email address you used to complete your application.

          I can’t login to my candidate account but I have been offered employment. What do I do?

          Your PeopleHub login credentials remain valid until your nominal hire date (the date referenced in your Offer of Employment email).

          Follow the password reset step using the 5-digit number…

          After this date, your login changes and your Site Manager will issue you with your new login details when you start your first shift.

          You can complete any outstanding online learning on your first shift.

          My login doesn't work to complete my online learning in PeopleHub. What do I do?

          Your PeopleHub login credentials remain valid until your nominal hire date with GrainCorp (the date referenced in your Offer of Employment email).

          After this date, your login changes and your Site Manager will issue your new login details when you start your first shift.

          You can complete any outstanding online learning on your first shift.

          Where can I find my contract of employment?

          During the recruitment process, you will be emailed your employment contract.

          In your emails, search for the subject “Your Offer of Employment with GrainCorp” to locate the contract of employment.

          I need a confirmation of employment letter. How do I obtain this?

          Once employed, you can access a “Confirmation of Employment” letter via your employee profile in PeopleHub. Simply select 'Actions', then 'Generate Document'.

          How do I report earnings for Centerlink?

          It is your responsibility to keep record of your hours worked and income earned. We will email you a payslip each fortnight, which details the hours worked and paid, allowances, superannuation, tax withheld. You need to keep these payslips stored safely as you may need to access them later. Centrelink provides a range of tools to help you track your income and to understand your reporting requirements

          How can I obtain a Separation Certificate?

          You will need to email a request to payrollqueries@graincorp.com.au