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Australian silo art trail expands to Quirindi with mural and innovative light show
January 27, 2023

The small town of Quirindi in NSW is the first to join the GrainCorp silo art program in 2023, earning its place on the ever-expanding silo art trail in regional Australia.

The project on the local GrainCorp silos has put the town of 3,500 people back on the tourism map, with the painting completed and an innovative light show set to bring the mural to life at night.

The Quirindi Silo Art Committee is preparing to hold an official grand opening event for the town to mark the silos joining the trail, which has become a powerful tourism drawcard for rural communities across Australia.

The silos at Quirindi were opened in 1933, with bushels of wheat originally delivered to the site, connecting the rich grain-growing Liverpool Plains region with the main rail line to Sydney and Newcastle. The mural, painted by Perth-based artist Peter Ryan, pays homage to this and the region’s indigenous heritage.

The Quirindi project is also the first of its kind on the silo art trail, thanks to the addition of an interactive light show bringing the characters of the mural to life at night.

Quirindi Silo Art Committee Member Ian Carter:

Quirindi Silo Art Committee Member Ian Carter has advocated passionately for the project for the Quirindi community since its inception.

“The idea was raised several years ago at a community meeting, and we were astounded by the support – we felt Quirindi was in need of some revitalisation and this project was going to make that happen.

“We believe the artwork will provide an increased sense of community connectedness and pride, particularly because it depicts the rich history of Quirindi and the surrounding Liverpool Plains region.

“This is something our community has been waiting for and we are delighted to see it come to fruition.”

Ian Carter, Quirindi Silo Art Committee Member

Artist Peter Ryan:

“I wanted to paint a silo since the first time I saw one painted years ago. When I found out about the Quirindi project and saw the location of the silos in the heart of the town, I knew it was special,” Peter said.

“I endeavoured to learn as much as I could from the Quirindi community to ensure my design concept would be a story of the past, present and future of the Liverpool Plains region.

“I’m proud of the finished product, which has a real community pride associated with it; I feel it’s more than just a mural.”

L to R: GrainCorp’s Kyle Docherty, artist Peter Ryan and Quirindi Silo Art Committee member Ian Carter at the official Quirindi silo art opening

GrainCorp Community Engagement Manager Kyle Docherty:

“We’re excited to see the Australian Silo Art Trail expand to even more regional communities across the GrainCorp network, and Quirindi has certainly earned its place on that trail.

“Our silos at Quirindi have been a real landmark for the local community for over 100 years and we’re delighted that they’ll continue to represent the people and rich history of the region.”

He adds: “It has been fantastic to work with the Quirindi Silo Art Committee, the talented artist Peter Ryan and the broader community to bring this project to life.”

The next round of applications for GrainCorp’s silo art program open on 1 February 2023. For further information, visit https://www.graincorp.com.au/silo-art/.

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