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“Grow You Good Thing!”: The healthy oilseed transforming the QSR sector
November 17, 2023

Australia’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry has undergone a significant transformation in its choice of frying oil – and that’s good news for forward-thinking and sustainably minded oilseed growers.

With a burgeoning focus on healthier eating habits and heightened consumer awareness on locally sourced ingredients, QSRs are increasingly stepping away from conventional frying mediums.

And here’s the exciting news: QSRs are now focused on sourcing high quality vegetable oils, grown and processed in Australia.

This trend has led to the growing uptake of High Oleic Canola oil – an oil naturally high in monounsaturated fat that ticks the boxes for QSRs and provides excellent market opportunities for growers.

GrainCorp partners with Nuseed Australia in a program that supplies and rewards growers with a premium for this specialised High Oleic Canola variety, known as Monola®. 

“While similar to regular Canola, Monola is distinguished with a healthier and more robust oil profile that’s in demand from QSR customers,” says Jack Keeping, GrainCorp’s Human Nutrition Account Manager.

“The stability of Monola oil at high temperatures makes it an excellent choice for deep frying applications, too.”

Monola: The healthy oilseed transforming the QSR sector

What’s more? This unique oilseed is received from farmers at several GrainCorp sites across southern NSW and northern Victoria.

GrainCorp produces thousands of tonnes of Monola oil each year, crushing the seed delivered to those up-country sites.

And GrainCorp brings the finished oil to market by refining and manufacturing Monola at our processing facility at West Footscray, Victoria.

Jack says one of the highlights of the program is connecting growers with customers, enabling them to trace the journey of their crops. 

“It’s fulfilling to be involved in the entire end-to-end supply chain – from Nuseed’s work on seed breeding, to collaborating with growers throughout the season, to the handling and crushing of the seed, oil refining, manufacturing and distribution to customers,” he says.

“This collaboration exemplifies the journey from paddock to plate, ensuring that Monola oil meets the highest standards from its origin in the fields to its presence in QSR kitchens.”

Jack keeping, graincorp human nutrition account manager

“For growers, it’s very satisfying for them to see and learn about where their crops are ending up, knowing that their efforts contribute to a healthier and more sustainable food system.”

Jack says customers also benefit from this awareness, enjoying the opportunity to connect with growers and witness the development of their crops.

“It creates awareness of the intricacies involved in growing, handling, and producing Monola oil, a critical component in their restaurants.”

Monola oil is manufactured at GrainCorp’s Human Nutrition facility at West Footscray, Victoria.

This year’s National Agriculture Day, observed on 17 November, is an opportunity to celebrate Aussie farmers and the food and fibre they produce.

Aligned with the theme ‘Grow You Good Thing!”, Monola serves as an example of how innovation is driving Aussie growers to deliver sustainable outcomes for the industry.

To find out more about the Monola® program, contact GrainCorp’s Human Nutrition Key Account Manager Jack Keeping (jack.keeping@graincorp.com.au).

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