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Harvest Update – 08/11/21
November 08, 2021

Grain receivals (tonnes) at GrainCorp up-country sites as at 8 November 2021

 Since last reportTotal
New South Wales468,100930,800
Total grain receivals767,3202,277,720


  • Rain across the network last week and this week will delay up-country harvest activity in all states, though no disruptions expected to the export supply chain.
  • In Queensland, the Western Downs cluster is largely complete, Darling Downs and Goondiwindi regions are over halfway-through but wet weather expected to draw out the finish.
  • Southern NSW now underway with majority of activity in the Wyalong and Griffith clusters, though most areas hampered by rain again. High yields and good quality seen in canola and barley deliveries.
  • Victoria just starting to come online with the first deliveries into the Northern Mallee region over the last week, but rain is expected to delay activity over the next few days.  
  • Another big week of exports completed across the network, with 300,000 tonnes of grain outloaded per week to port in order to free up more capacity.
  • Up-to-date pricing information through CropConnect with 12,000 growers and buyers registered across Australia.

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Jess Simons

Corporate Affairs & Government Relations Manager

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