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Now more than ever: Inspiring reconciliation through inclusion and education
May 30, 2024

To mark National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June), Kameron Manks and Jessica Brindle share their passion for culture, learning and education.

In recent years, GrainCorp has made significant progress in its commitment to reconciliation with the launch of its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

This plan outlines a clear framework for GrainCorp to take meaningful action to advance its reconciliation efforts, emphasising the importance of education, economic empowerment and respect as foundational pillars.

Kameron, a proud Wiradjuri man, is an active member of GrainCorp’s RAP working group, which focuses on delivering GrainCorp’s reconciliation commitments through partnerships and relationship-building with First Nations communities.

“Our RAP is not just a document; it’s a commitment to real, tangible actions that we can take to drive position change for Aboriginal people.

“It gives us the foundations to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, where cultural diversity is celebrated, and where we can learn from one another.”

Kameron Manks, Site Manager Werris Creek

Originally from Parkes, NSW, Kameron has worked across several GrainCorp sites, advancing to his current role as Site Manager at Werris Creek, one of the larger sites in the GrainCorp network.

In this role, he’s dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, inspired in part by his grandfather’s teachings.

“My Pop was part of a long line of Wiradjuri descendants who was willing to share his knowledge and wisdom. He taught me a lot about my culture and that’s something I’m very proud of.”

Kameron acknowledges that sometimes the hardest part is inspiring Aboriginal people to want to pursue work and learning opportunities.

“It can sometimes be hard getting people through the door – but for those who want to work and do well, it’s important to give them the opportunity to reach as high as they can.

“As a Site Manager, I’m committed to guiding my team and empowering them in the best way possible – whether that’s supporting more Aboriginal workers like myself on-site or workers from other cultural backgrounds.”

He adds: “I’m proud to be a part of GrainCorp’s RAP and to see where it takes us.”

Jessica Brindle, Area Planner for GrainCorp’s Werris Creek cluster, based in Tamworth, NSW, echoes Kameron’s sentiments.

A proud Kamilaroi woman, Jess says this year’s National Reconciliation Week theme, ‘Now More Than Ever,’ resonates deeply with her.

“For me, it’s a reminder that reconciliation is an ongoing journey, and each of us has a role to play. I’m committed to doing my part, both personally and professionally, to drive positive change.”

Jess Brindle, Area Planner Werris Creek

Jess, a young mother and Aboriginal woman, is passionate and driven to succeed in her career, and has earnt respect among her peers through her hard work and dedication.

“There’s no question I’m ready for any challenge that comes my way – and I don’t let my gender, age or cultural identity stand in the way.

“Despite sometimes being one of a few women at site, I’ve been lucky to have great managers and peers who have supported and encouraged me to perform in all aspects of my job.

“I’ve developed so many different skills and worked in so many different areas of the business, from property to planning to customer management, and now the business is supporting me in gaining an understanding of our site operations.

“I’m passionate, open-minded and willing to ask lots of questions and learn from my mistakes – and I’m dedicated to encouraging more women to get involved in what is such an exciting, diverse and evolving industry.”

GrainCorp’s Jessica Brindle and Kameron Manks with Gunnedah High School’s Braithen Winsor at Werris Creek, NSW, acknowledging Kamilaroi country.

At GrainCorp, the contributions of individuals like Kameron and Jessica highlight the importance of taking meaningful action towards reconciliation.

Read more about GrainCorp’s Innovate RAP, here.

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